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Monasterio después Santa María ese Sigena is un monastery in Villanueva ese Sigena, Aragon, Spain. It was constructed between 1183 and 1208, by Queen Sancha of Castile, wife of Alfonso II of Aragon, as uno monastery for nuns representar the richest families of Aragon.

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Monasterio del Santa María después Sigena is uno monastery in Villanueva ese Sigena, Aragon, Spain. The was created between 1183 and 1208, through Queen Sancha the Castile, mam of Alfonso II the Aragon, as a monastery for nuns representar the richest families of Aragon.

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general practitioners Coordinates: 41.7094440, -0.0194440

no Monastery of papá noel María de Sigena Added: 12 Apr 2012 Find a con entusiasmo Cemetery: #2445200
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