Free English To Vietnamese Translation

In this writing, we compile websites & apps of English — Vietnamese translation which are now the best và most convenient ones khổng lồ users. The websites and translation apps are considered with 2 values:

· Value 1: Accuracy: Amongst 3 sentences of 3 levels (easy, average and hard), we will evaluate what percentage of accuracy the translation is.

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· Value 2: Convenience: Does the websites display either on điện thoại version or on computer version? Is it able to lớn use offline?

1. Google Translate

Accuracy: 8/10Convenience: 9/10


Google Translate is the most popular translation application in the world until now. Google Translate has both Smartphone version and computer version; especially, it can translate without mạng internet connection. More interestingly, Google Translate owns many other amazing features you haven’t known yet such as:

- Translation on image: You can upload an image, then frame the word(s) you want to lớn translate, Google will vị other steps. This feature is extremely useful for you khổng lồ travel countries using hieroglyph for their alphabets lượt thích Japan, India, Đất Nước Thái Lan, etc. You just need to lớn take photos và upload on Google Translate, it will help you transsize that language into lớn yours.

- Input audio and translate the audio: You only need lớn record your voice, the intelligent Bot of Google Translate will identify voice and transsize into lớn text, then translate that text. It is suitable for translating a piece of audio or a short speech in English.

- Input dialogue and translate the dialogue: it is an advanced version of audio translation tool. With this, Google Translate allows two people lớn speak two different languages recorded in order of a dialogue while the intelligent Bot translates two languages concurrently.

With all above strengths và outstanding features, Google Translate deserves the first phầm mềm you should tải về to your device to lớn help you look up new words or quick translation.

2. VIKI Translator

Accuracy: 8/10Convenience: 8/10



English — Vietnamese Translation on VIKI Translator

This is a translation website and it can translate English to Vietnamese & vice versa. The tool is easy to lớn use because 100% of language mặc định is Vietnamese. Except for the basic version, Viki also develops a new feature which is advanced translation. This feature allows you to lớn translate a long text as doc file and remain intact format (including form size, font, justification, box, etc.)

If you’re looking for a simple software solution when it comes lớn translating words & expressions from English to Vietnamese & from Vietnamese khổng lồ English, feel miễn phí to lớn take a look at VIKI Translator. It’s an easy-to-use Windows application with a fairly large dictionary database

Further, VIKI Translator is capable of translating words from Word, PDF or other text documents by taking a snapshot and analyzing the graphical image. It goes without staying that the text should be typed in order to lớn obtain the most accurate results (not handwritten).

To easily activate the text or image translation mode, you can use the Ctrl+D (for text) & Ctrl+Q (for images) keyboard shortcuts.

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All aspects considered, VIKI Translator provides a simple & straightforward solution when it comes khổng lồ getting words và expressions translated between the English and Vietnamese languages.



Cambridge Dictionary updated a hot feature which directly translates English into lớn Vietnamese. It sounds ordinary but in fact, Cambridge Dictionary is the very first famous dictionary which has English — Vietnamese translation version. Other authentic dictionaries lượt thích Oxford, Cambridge, MacMillan bởi not have sầu this version. However, Cambridge is the first one producing the official E-V version. For its authentication, academia (linguistic researchers, experts, teachers) trust it so its accuracy is reliable for you.

Cambridge Dictionary is still constant with some highlight features of a traditional dictionary that provides pronunciation, exact transcript of words, both in British English and North American English, word families, how it is used in context, meanings và examples, etc.

Cambridge Dictionary’s weaknesses are word-by-word translation only & one-way translation (E-V). Nonetheless, in this handout, we are reviewing websites & apps able to lớn translate English into lớn Vietnamese; thus, Elight still keeps Cambridge Dictionary in the danh mục. If you want to translate in reverse, please read “Websites & apps lớn translate Vietnamese into lớn English”.

4. Speak & Translate

Accuracy: 6/10Convenience: 7/10

Speak and Translate is a speak-and-translate phầm mềm based on a quite famous voice recognition technology. After recording our voice, the ứng dụng bot will recognize it & automatically translate và speak it out.

Although it is paid tiện ích but its accuracy is only marked 6/10 points. It is somewhat similar khổng lồ auto-translate websites such as or These website pages’ bots are not so intelligent as Google’s so we evaluate its accuracy goes after Google’s 2 points.

5. Nice Translator &

These two auto-translating websites are pretty similar to Viki Translator, but their accuracy are not so good. Conveniently, both websites vì not have mobile version as well as speaker recognition like Google Translate & Speak và Translate phầm mềm.

· Translate’s web page:· Nice Translator’s website page: