The Walking Dead Temporada Final

The very first third of walking Dead’s elongated por último season is over, with Fear ns Walking Dead currently filling the zombie-sized hole in ours lives.

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However ns Walking Dead mid-season finale was hardly going to go fuera without a bang – quite literally, with nuevo Reaper leader Leah firing some exploding arrows at number of long-running Alexandrians.

However unlike los show’s zombies, showrunner Angela Kang explained that these admittedly cool-looking rocket arrows space a de verdad weapon, with the production drawing on ancient history for uno powerful weapon that could feasibly be built by apocalypse survivors.

“I think this weapon is some type of ancient medieval oriental weapon called ns hwacha,” Kang called Entertainment Weekly. “But identificación had never heard of this thing. The was the result that room research: What space old-style weapons that can potentially be developed now because they’ve been built centuries prior to that are effective y that deserve to do mass damage?

“And therefore it to be something ns room researched and came up with, y then they to be pitching, and I was like, what is this weapon? me gustaría can’t photo it.’ y they’re like, ‘It’s rocket-propelled arrows paris at you out of this giant thing.’ y I was like, ‘Well, the sounds nice cool!"”

However fanes were left with un double dose of cliffhangers, as los fates of Carol (Melissa McBride), Connie (Lauren Ridloff), Aaron (Ross Marquand), Judith (Cailey Fleming) and Gracie (Anabelle Holloway) were also left unclear.

The personalities have dispatched all sorts that hideous villains over the series, yet now might face their toughest enemy yet – mommy nature.

“It’s an extreme storm,” Kang stated of ns situation Carol, Connie and Aaron find themselves in, before adding “There’s certainly going come be a lot much more related to the situation…”

Luckily us now know when our favourite walker-slayers will return, hopefully all alive and well – con another sixteen(!) episodes of ns post-apocalyptic juego still to go.

Read top top for more information on los Walking Dead season 11’s relax date, storylines y rumoured spin-offs.

The wade Dead season once episode nueve release date

The second component of ns Walking Dead’s final season will certainly launch with episode nine on 20th February dos mil veintidos on AMC in the US, and will beginning in los UK on star on Disney Plus the following day, 21st February 2022.

The walking Dead season once premiered in ns United principal on 22nd August dos mil veintiuno on AMC, before getting here in los UK – again on ns following día exclusively via estrella on Disney Plus.

New episodes climate arrived weekly on los streaming servicio until 10th October instead of zorro UK, where the donar has in the history aired.

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Every moment has actually led to this. Los Walking Dead the Beginning of los End. Por último Season specifically streaming August veintitres on Disney+

— Disney+ UK (
DisneyPlusUK) July 23, 2021

Production acquired underway ~ above season 11’s bumper crop of episodes in February 2021, con producer Kevin Deiboldt sharing the “we truly hope it’s worth los wait”.

The season is collection to be epic in length, with 24 episodes break-up into three separate batches pass the story to un close.

In los meantime, fans have took pleasure in some extra season 10 episodes, which aired in ns UK from early March till Easter Monday.

The walking Dead season 11 episode nueve cast

You can expect all of los main actors to regreso for episode nine y the siguiente part of the Walking Dead’s final run, including: Norman Reedus as Daryl, Melissa McBride as Carol, Christian Serratos together Rosita, mock McDermitt together Eugene, Seth Gilliam together Father Gabriel, Ross Marquand together Aaron, Khary Payton together Ezekiel, y Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan.

It’s also likely the Lauren Cohan will continue to jugar a significant part together Maggie Rhee delaware she went back in dramatic fashion in the season 10 finale dos years delaware leaving los show.

So far in season eleven, dos characters have kicked the bucket – Roy y Gage – therefore it’s unlikely the C. Tabla de cortar Howell or Jackson Pace will certainly return.

There have actually been part rumours that andrés Lincoln could return as stack Grimes later on in the finalmente season, with Reedus saying the he’s do the efforts to convince his previous co-star to return for the eventualmente season.


Fans have speculated that Lennie jaime could regreso as Morgan likewise – especially as los character had such a key duty in ns show’s very very first episode.

“There are ns few people that okay be an extremely surprised if they don’t show up in some shape or form,” jaime told “But friend know, at los moment, it’s all up for grabs.”

Meanwhile, Michael james Shaw will proceed to play Mercer, uno character introduced towards the end of the comic book series who however made un big impression ~ above fans.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s ellos eran appeared in los fifth episode of season once – as un zombie no less.

On los Late Late dando with jaime CordenMorgan said: “Gus Morgan, my 11-year-old son, is going to be los featured peatonal in illustration five. He’s been gaining his COVID prueba so he can be ~ above set y all that. That is therefore pumped it’s ridiculous.”