Tangana Tu Me Dejaste De Querer

I was simply thinking identificación should blog post this if no one had. Me gustaría wish this sub would stan him favor they do Rosalia since he really deserves it. For this reason pumped because that this project.

Tu lees esto: Tangana tu me dejaste de querer

You took ns words fuera de of my mouth! I've always liked him, however what he's doing now deserves a lot that attention! I'm rooting because that him more than ever.

Demasiadas mujer impressed me so much that the made me dig into his discography. Some really great stuff, plus this final one.

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Oh, I'm glad identificación posted demasiado Mujeres here, it impressed me too! This one is law excellent, it's going come be among his biggest hits, he's breaking lots of records.

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Indeed, there's really an excellent stuff in his discography, Guerrera y París are bops. He has actually done some interesting tracks too.

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Beep Boop... I am un bot. Me gustaría tried recognize this track on various other streaming platforms. Right here is what identificación found

: C. Tangana -papposo Tú Me Dejaste ese Querer (feat. Bebé de Elche & La Húngara)

: C. Tangana - Tú Me Dejaste del Querer (feat. Bebé de Elche & La Hungara)

: C. Tangana - Tú Me Dejaste del Querer Ft. Niño De Elche, La Hungara (JAVI MARTÍNEZ EDIT) uploaded by JAVI MARTÍNEZ