Phần Mềm Superlivepro

SuperLivePro is an tiện ích for Android và iOS that can be used for managing your cameras from trang chủ và office such as CCTV surveillance cameras.

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With this software, you can manage your camera easily whenever you are in the world. The only requirements for connecting is, of course, internet connection.

This app is very useful if you want to access the footage or view the saved videos of your surveillance camera.

In case you are looking for a Windows or Mac installer of SuperLivePro tiện ích, I’m sorry to lớn say this but there’s no installer for computer or máy vi tính as of now because the Devs haven’t released an executable version for the computer yet. However, there is a trichồng for running the SuperLivePro for PC that’s why we created this article. Make sure to follow our guide so that you won’t get confused or encounter any issues when installing this phầm mềm on your PC. Also check the similar app: Smart Meye For PC – Windows và Mac

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Use An Emulator To Run SuperLivePro On PC – Windows và Mac

The only way to run the SuperLivePro phầm mềm on máy tính or computer is by using an emulator program. With an emulator on your computer, you can emulate the Android Operating System or iOS & install the apps exclusive only for them on your computer.

By the way, this guide will only focus on running Android Operating System on emulator since this is the most efficient way of installing and running SuperLivePro app on your PC (Because there’s also an iOS emulator).

If you decided to try this method, it is recommended lớn make sure that your computer has đôi mươi GB free space, 4GB RAM or better, your PC has the lachạy thử graphics driver, latest Microsoft .NET & Virtualization enabled in BIOS.

This will ensure that the emulator program will run smoothly without any hiccups. It is also important to lớn enable Virtualization because it can increase the processor emulating speed.

If everything is good, you can proceed lớn the installation of the emulator program on your PC. In this article, we will focus on the two best emulator program that you can use: BlueStacks and Nox Player.

We recommended using any of them because of the stability & tốc độ that you can surely benefit. Also, it is not required to lớn install & run both of these emulators at the same time. So, choose only which emulator is your preferred.

How To Run SuperLivePro For PC With The BlueStacks App Emulator

This guide will focus on installing BlueStacks emulator. If you want Nox Player, you can also kiểm tra our guide for it below. So let us proceed lớn the installation of BlueStacks.

First, make sure you have sầu a good internet tốc độ since the installer file is around 500MB+. After that, you can go khổng lồ the BlueStacks official website & tải về its package.

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Once you’ve completed the download, run the setup installer and accept the agreement & clichồng the install to proceed. After that, you need to lớn wait until the tải về và installation procedure khổng lồ complete. The speed will depend on your connection.

When the installation finished, open the BlueStacks App emulator & then enter your PlayStore credentials from here. This will allow you to open the said application on your PC.


Now, open the PlayStore and then type in the search bar the “SuperLivePro” app & cliông chồng the install to lớn finished.

This will install the SuperLivePro for PC phầm mềm on your BlueStacks home page and when it does, you can open the shortcut on your Desktop or BlueStacks home page and enjoy using it.

How To Run SuperLivePro PC With The Nox App Player Emulator

xuất hiện your google chrome or any of your favorite website browser và type the From their website, clichồng the tải về và install it after that.

Run the PlayStore and then provide your gmail address for Google then open this ứng dụng. By the way, if you have sầu no Google or Gmail, you can create an trương mục easily from their trang web.

Now, search for the SuperLivePro phầm mềm on your computer then install it.

Finally, you can open this phầm mềm from your trang chủ & enjoy using it.

Main Features Of SuperLivePro PC App

Record the footage video clip or create a screenshot of your CCTV feeds.There’s an option for PTZ.Manage and view the recorded feed of your CCTV from your device.

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Some people were looking for this tiện ích to run on their PC and they prefer it. Because the benefits from the large screen monitor when viewing the videos of their cameras. That’s why it is very handy to lớn have sầu the BlueStacks or Nox Player when trying khổng lồ manage your CCTV instead of smartphone or tablet only.