Sopa de ajo castellana

Authentic Sopa del Ajo Castellana for uno cold winter night. Just cuatro main ingredients: garlic, olive oil, bread and beef broth (+ uno little food preparation secret)


Spanish cuisine has actually utter respect for humble ingredients. It’s never around stuffing soups choose in an american chowder (that identificación also love). It’s more about combining un few ingredients and let lock shine.

In this recipe, the estrella is the Garlic, of course, otherwise, the wouldn’t be un sopa de ajo (garlic soup).

But the secret for an yes, really Spanish garlic soup is the extra virgin olive oil the is infused with the garlic at the empezar of los cooking process.

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Origins that sopa de ajo uno la Castellana

As the name principal this is ns soup from the Castilla y León region. But it became ancha all gastos generales Spanish territory.

The factor for its popular is simple: It’s uno fulfilling soup with humble ingredients. Affordable and comforting and the same time.

This soup became a way to survive a period of financial crisis. Nowadays, it’s commonly prepared throughout easter week.

How to make Spanish garlic soup?

This is un pretty simple soup. Few ingredients y few steps. Just 30 minutes from start come finish.

The first most necessary step is to create the base of the soup.

In uno big pot heat the olive oil over bajo heat y add the sliced garlic. The garlic have to not be thinly sliced or it will burn too quickly.


Stir constantly y after 30 seconds add the prosciutto in cubes. Since the heat is low, stir for about 1 minute until the garlic starts to obtain golden.


Then add the rustic bread reduced into tool size chunks. If they room too thin they will certainly disintegrate into the soup. Try to get a bit of un crust in los slices that bread prior to the next step.


Now, just add about uno ½ lt of beef broth y the special tocar of this soup … paprika!

Turn up ns heat y boil the soup for 10 minutes. Add los eggs into the soup. Closely to not break the yolks. Sheathe with uno lid and let it cook for cinco minutes. Serve!


Variation of los sopa del ajo

This garlic soup has plenty of variations transparent Spain. Each an ar has adapted the soup to your likings.

With or without ns egg. It’s completely optional to add uno egg término person just before ending ns cooking process. Personally, i love los runny egg yolk in my sopa Castellana.You can usar chorizo instead of prosciutto for un smokier and richer result.The beef broth can be substituted for vegetable broth.

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