Plaza después Toros

The Plaza ese Toros is an pure must-see on any kind of trip to Sevilla. It is the heart of los spanish tradition of bullfighting y a beautiful structure. There is also a museo where you deserve to get an ext information on ns sport y see part artifacts and articles desde years past.

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Part of ns romanticized photo of Spain includes the brave torero (bullfighter) conquering a bull in los tradition that bull fighting. When ns opportunity occurred for me to watch ns bullfight, identificación was originally conflicted over the issue of whether me gustaría would be able to stomach watching uno bull it is in tortured and then killed.However, in order come really understand Spanish society as identificación am do the efforts to carry out on this trip, me gustaría decided to sit myself debajo in Seville’s Plaza después Toros del La Maestranza one fateful Sunday and watch as tres toreros take it on two bulls each. Los bullfight feel barbaric as ns crowd cheered each time ns bull was hurt or toppled gastos generales itself if trying to gain at every those causing it pain. It was gruesome and painful to watch, however imagine my surprise when me gustaría started to appreciate the letras of los event. Prior to being splashed con blood, the toreros come fuera adorned in your traje ese luces (suit the lights) the literally shine as soon as hit con sunlight.Matching the grace of their suits, ns toreros themselves performed back-bending moves that without all the violence connected could be considered ns dance between man y beast. Each time that the bull obtained closer to ns torero, me gustaría found myself catching my breath in anticipation of the worst only to watch the torero readjust his hips at the último second come let los bull aprobar him by untouched.Full an overview found in my weblog "Ahoy Meiti":
Morgan Paar
over 7 years ago


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We were fortunate to gain tickets come the final bullfight of the season at los Plaza del Toros después La Maestranza ese Seville in Seville, Spain. We paid a bit extra, €34 (US$48) for los Barreras (front seats) wherein we sat with ns upper crust of Seville. Six bulls died that afternoon. That takes about twenty world to kill one bull as soon as you count the Rejoneadores (horse-mounted fighters), Picadors (fighter come weaken los bull), the matador (pictured here) and others. Though ns atmosphere was exciting with the live tape playing and people yelling, “olé,” i had trouble maintaining an open mind towards this escribe of “cultural experience.”
Patricia Irish
over siete years ago

The Bull Ring, Sevilla, Spain

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We to be there off season, i beg your pardon was simply as well, but the impending storm seemed telling about the raging debate over bull fighting.