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Grouping data in a PivotTable can help you show a subset of data khổng lồ analyze. For example, you may want to lớn group an unwieldy list of dates or times (date and time fields in the PivotTable) inkhổng lồ quarters và months, lượt thích this image.

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Note: The time grouping feature is new in Excel năm 2016. With time grouping, relationships across time-related fields are automatically detected & grouped together when you add rows of time fields to your PivotTables. Once grouped together, you can drag the group khổng lồ your Pivot Table và start your analysis.



Group data

In the PivotTable, right-click a value & select Group.

In the Grouping box, select Starting at and Ending at checkboxes, và edit the values if needed.

Under By, select a time period. For numerical fields, enter a number that specifies the interval for each group.

Select OK.

Group selected items

Hold Ctrl and select two or more values.

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Right-cliông chồng và select Group.

Name a group

Select the group.

Select Analyze > Field Settings.

Change the Custom Name lớn something you want and select OK.

Ungroup grouped data

Right-cliông xã any nhà cửa that is in the group.

Select Ungroup.

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