La granja de san idelfonso

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La Granja del San Ildefonso is, first y foremost, a Royal Site. Los small city of smo Ildefonso, designated as a monumental historic site, is uno token of los glory of los Spanish Monarchy in ns eighteenth century. Ns Royal Palace, los Glass Factory y the fabulous, Versailles-like gardens are symbols of together splendour.

Lying part 80km from Madrid and only 10km representar Segovia, smo Ildefonso boasts ns stunning natural setting and a rich social heritage. Uno farm correr by the Order of smo Jerome, it was purchased as uno summer residence by rey Philip V, los first member of los French casa of Bourbon to dominance as rey of Spain, after he abdicated. As soon as Philip reassumed the throne upon his son’s death, los palace was enlarged to casa the court. Designed by renowned architects Teodoro Ardemans, Andrea Procaccini y Filippo Juvarra, the is uno typically lavish baroque palace. Attached come it is los Real Colegiata del la santísima Trinidad, los royal chapel.

The Royal palace of La Granja después San Ildefonso is storage of Versailles no only since of its luxury halls but also due to its splendid fountains, sculptures y gardens, which were designed by rené Carlier, uno disciple of Louis XIV’s architect. Across its ciento cuarenta y seis hectares that forests and landscaped gardens, travellers will find veintiseis monumental fountains, ns French-style maze and a large pond known as ‘The Sea’, which provides water to ns fountains.

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The fountains space operating desde April to mid-October, back they room all operational only for numero 3 days ns year in May, July and August. Furthermore, in July y August, ns fountain of ns Diana Baths is usually open on some Saturday nights.

The Royal Glass factory at La Granja was rebuilt by King converses III in 1770, delaware its predecessor burnt down. Tourists to this centre space invited to learn about ns glassmaking methods of ns past two centuries, glass blowing and moulding processes and the unique tools and machinery employed. Friend will also have los chance to check out glassmakers at work, using ns same methods that were applied during ns industry’s gold age, y to enjoy either a dramatized or a regularmente guided tourism of ns premises.It is worth highlighting that the Royal factory has an online shop to purchase some that its products.Other noteworthy sites in La patio de granja are los Chapel of San despues de ansan Nepomuceno y the house of Infantes.

And no visit to La patio de granja would be complete without ns stopover at a localidades restaurant come sample your signature dish: judiones (large white bean cooked in uno meat stew). On veintidos August, as component of the localidades festivities, the town holds a extendido cookout well-known as ‘La Judiada’, i beg your pardon is to visit by around 10,000 people.

How to obtain there:

By car: 1 hour quince mins drive along A-6 highway y AP-61 motorway.

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By bus: 1 hour quince mins ride representar Intercambiador después Moncloa deliver hubto Segovia. From Segovia, buses leave for La Granja del San Ildefonso every 45min y take around veinte minutes. More info

By train: 25min drive on high-speed rail (AVE) or 2.5hour drive on a zona train toSegovia-Guiomar station. Representar there, take it bus 12 to the main bus terminal to captura the bus come La Granja.