Duquesa De Alba Interviu


Sevillanos (and those representar further afield) signing the books of condolence in los Ayuntamiento.

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“For los most illustrious woman which Seville has ever before had, with much affection representar a Sevillana. May God save you in his glory.”


Alfonso’s wreath come his wife reads: “I don’t understand if i knew exactly how to tell you just how much i loved you, identificación love you, y I will certainly love you.”


Eugenia, ns Duquesa’s just daughter, that was very close to her mother, is comforted by her brothers Jacobo.

As someone who isn’t accustomed to the protocolo surrounding the death of ns public figure, it to be intriguing come see ns spectacle, from the capilla ardiente y condolence books in los Ayuntamiento, to the funeral itself in the magnificent 15th-century basilica, conducted by the former Archbishop Cardinal the Seville.


The Duquesa to be taken representar the municipio along bulevar de la Constution to ns cathedral.


The former Archbishop Cardinal that Seville blesses ns Duchess, swathed in the flags of Spain, and the patria de Alba.

Portrait of Cayetana as un child by Spanish artist Zuloaga.

´´When identificación was a child, mine father take it me come the pasto every Sunday. I especially loved paintings by Velazquez and Goya,´´ Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, the most titled woman in Spain, otherwise well-known as the 18th Duquesa de Alba, speak me. ´´I have constantly loved art. When i was four years viejo Zuloaga painted me, but identificación fidgeted so much he said he´d never paint another child,´´ she recalls – y he didn´t. Ns resulting portrait, of the young Cayetana on her favourite pony, Tommy, additionally features her playthings Mickey Mouse y Felix los Cat, represented con spooky, staring eyes.

The Duquesa, now in her eighties, is still uno keen art aficionado – not surprising since she´s the owner of one of Spain´s most crucial private collections, con over 600 works. For this reason which space her favourite painters? ´´I love Impressionism,´´ she says. ´´Gaugin, Latour, but likewise Spanish painters favor Velazquez.´´ When i ask her which are her preferred paintings in the current show, Coleccion patria de Alba – cuarenta works (´´they couldn´t fit any more in,´´ she says, sadly) desde her palaces in Madrid and Seville – she replies, ´´La Duquesa de Alba dentro de blanco´´, ns emblematic Goya of her antecedent, the 13th Duquesa (the artist´s patron and, allegedly, lover), in former of which she has been photographed many times, and a less controversial Renoir.

´´I to be delighted the exhibition has had such ns good an answer – it´s completamente every day,´´ she tells me happily. In previously days, los Duquesa was ns keen collector, and her favourite searching ground was London. ´´I love los galleries, identificación used to walk to los Marlborough gallery (a leading contemporary letras gallery in Mayfair) come buy paintings. Identificación liked Picasso, however not Bacon or Hockney.´´

´´I lived in inglaterra when me gustaría was uno child, while my father was Ambassador in London,´´ she recalls, switching to perfect English, with uno refined, aristocratic interval and alguna trace whatsoever of Spanish. ´´We stayed in Belgrave Square. Me gustaría went to a convent school. Me gustaría didn´t choose it really much – the teachers to be sarcastic, y I was away from my country. The was quite difficult,´´ she recalls with typical upper-class understatement.

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But she maintained an affection for ns English capital. ´´I love London. Identificación stay at Claridges as soon as I´m there – it´s divine. Me gustaría go to Marks & Spencers y Selfridges, which space wonderful.´´ (When me gustaría tell she Marks & Spencers is walking to open in Marbella soon, she laughs and says, excitedly ´´Oh good!´´)

´´I go to the país Gallery y Tate Britain, y to Covent Garden for the opera – i love Verdi, and Italian operas in general. But identificación haven´t to be for a while – my last trip come London was 10 years ago.´´ When i ask her about her see on existing art, she replies that she likes modern Russian painters, yet hasn´t heard the Damien Hirst´s pickled sharks. She likes Picasso – that wanted to paint her naked when she was 22, yet her husband wouldn´t allow it (´´it would have been an extremely shocking in that era,´´ she explains).

You get los feeling that she herself would have actually been up for it ~ above her very own terms, as un passionate, romantic young woman, whose very first love affair was with uno bullfighter at ns age of 17 (see box). Los Duquesa is one of ns richest ladies in Spain, with an estimated wealth of 600 million euros (when identificación ask if this is correct, she replies firmly, ´´I have absolutely cuales idea´´) y has an eye-popping 50-odd titles, consisting of 11th Duchess the Berwick, 11th Baroness of Bosworth, 12th Countess-Duchess of Olivares y 18th Countess that Palma después Rio.

Born Maria después Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa ganar Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva, she is descended desde the English royal family through one illegitimate estaban of King jaime II of inglaterra (also jaime VII the Scotland). King jaime bestowed on Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart (his surname method ´´son of james Stuart´´) ns title the 1st pavo real of Berwick; a painting by Ingres the Jacobo attributes in los exhibition. The was another of her antecedents that started ns astonishing family letras collection – Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, third Duque ese Alba, known as los Iron Duke, who portrait through Titian is in los exhibition.

When visiting naples in ns 16th century, he came to be interested in italian art, and his patronage was continued by los 4th Duque. In ns 18th century, the 13th Duquesa, Maria del columna Teresa Cayetana de Silva, was an enthusiastic sponsor the talented young artists. She also gave far inherited functions by Velazquez y Raphael. Once Maria Teresa passed away without one heir, the title happen to her nephew blanco Miguel, 7th Duque del Berwick, who travelled about Italy collecting Italian and Dutch paintings.

The current Duquesa has added many 19th and 20th functions to los collection, especially by Renoir, Picasso y Miro. Cayetana has three main residences, where her artworks generally reside: los Palacio después Liria in Madrid, los Palacio del Dueñas in Seville y the Palacio después Monterrey in Salamanca. She likewise owns other houses in Marbella y Ibiza, as well as finlans all over Spain. It is stated that she can cross Spain from one end to ns other there is no leaving her very own estates, and that she has an ext titles than ns Queen that England, who would have to bow come her, gift of lower rank.

Although she was born in Madrid, ns Duquesa prefers the Andalucian capital. ´´I feel an ext at patria in Seville,´´ she says. She has actually received various honorary medals from the city, y is delighted that ns statue of it s her will quickly be set up in los Jardines después Cristina, put on what she defined as ´´a an extremely Spanish dress – not specifically flamenco.´

This despite marked opposition desde her nemesis, Antonio Rodrigo Torrijos, IU leader and deputy más alto of Seville. Plainly she can´t stand Torrijos, together when i ask her about the Torre Pelli, uno highly controversial 178-metre skyscraper being built in La Cartuja with ns politician´s saturado support, she blames it on, ´´that terrible Communist´´, adding that ´´it´s not los mayor´s fault.´´ She likewise is less than positive around recent alters in she adoptive city. ´´It offered to be a lovely town,´´ she tells me. ´´Now they´re spoiling it by placing in new things prefer cycle lanes. It´s terrible.´´ But, she is quick to add, y repeats several veces in our conversation, ´´Í to be not un political person.´´

She speaks slowly, un result of recent illnesses, yet has no problem making it s her clear, and is expressive and animated, with ns playful sense of humour – she is funny to speak to and seems to enjoy stating her arte collection, and her previously life. In fact, she is therefore lively that you get the impression of uno much younger woman trapped in uno rather aging body.

As a young woman, Cayetana says, ´´I offered to paint ns bit, and I love sports favor riding – i used to jump in shows. Me gustaría also loved tennis and skiing´´. She quiet goes to the beach in ns summer, with the rest of ns Spanish population, wherein she permits paparazzi to take película of she in she colourful beachwear, being los free-spirited bohemian that she is (apart representar the bike lanes).

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She has ns notoriously complex relationship with the press, which has an ongoing obsession with los private lives of her y her family – four of her six children are divorced, and she has a much younger companion that is no universally approved of – and this is reflect in she parting words come me, i beg your pardon are, said ns little plaintively, ´´treat me well.´´

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