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No need khổng lồ sign up with your email or any other contact details. Use không tính tiền without any limits.

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Upload a scanned PDF and download the converted Word document without any cost.

Your files are safe! All uploaded files are permanently deleted from our servers 6 hours after conversion. We don’t access your files at any point every conversion is processed automatically.

Unlimited không tính phí online PDF to lớn Word OCR

This free online scanned PDF lớn Word converter is không tính phí without any restrictions. You can convert any number of image-based PDFs khổng lồ editable Word documents as you like. There are no file size limits either. Extract nội dung from large scanned PDFs to Word for không lấy phí online.


Convert scanned PDF to lớn DOCX on the spot

Unlock content from scanned PDFs on this web-page instantly. There is no need to install anything on your computer to use this không tính tiền online OCR software. No need to waste time on registering with your email address or other tương tác details. All you need is an active internet connection.


Secure và Anonymous Online OCR service

Your files are stored on our servers for up to 6 hours after the conversion. After that, they are permanently destroyed. We don’t access your files during the conversion process - conversions are fully automated. We won’t even ask for an thư điện tử address or any other personal information.

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Advantages of Using Desktop OCR Software

Guaranteed Privacy of Your Files

The only way khổng lồ fully ensure the safety & security of your files and the information stored within them is khổng lồ not upload your sensitive files to lớn the Internet. Go offline with Able2Extract PRO khổng lồ fully protect your confidential documents!

Make Scanned PDFs Searchable

More often than not, you will want to convert your image-based PDF to lớn Word only khổng lồ be able to find specific information stored within it. Able2Extract PRO allows you lớn quickly & easily turn your scanned PDFs into searchable ones.

Retain Original Layout

The Able2Extract OCR engine helps you preserve the textual layout of a scanned PDF document when converting khổng lồ an editable Word format with the utmost precision. What you see in your scanned PDF is what you get in MS Word.

Multi-Language OCR Support

The Able2Extract OCR engine comes with multi-language tư vấn for converting image-based PDFs. It can accurately recognize text and special characters in 4 different languages - French, Spanish, German, và English.

Select content for Conversion

With Able2Extract you don’t need to convert a very long scanned PDF to Word if you only need a specific chapter or part of the document. You can easily select only the part of the file that you need converted khổng lồ Word, or one of the other file formats available.

One Software for Every PDF Need

Able2Extract PRO is a full-fledged PDF solution. It allows you to OCR, convert, create, edit, sign and combine PDFs. You can even edit PDFs on the spot without having to lớn convert khổng lồ other formats. Batch converts multiple PDFs in one go, merge or split PDFs, and much more.