How to customize the new tab page in chrome

Google is launching a new version of its Chrome Beta browser today that’s introducing some fairly notable changes khổng lồ its user interface và thiết kế. The browser will introduce an updated New Tab page, which will now include cards directing you baông chồng lớn past web search activities, instead of only a các mục of shortcuts to lớn favorite websites. Other changes ayên khổng lồ make it easier to lớn navigate search results & to lớn highlight & tóm tắt quotes from the website.

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The New Tab page’s update will be one of the first changes Chrome beta users may notice.

The idea behind this design change is about getting you baông chồng quickly to past website activities without a need to lớn dive inkhổng lồ your browsing history to remember which sites you had been using for things like recipes or shopping. It can also help you khổng lồ return quickly khổng lồ your recent documents danh mục in Google Drive sầu, in a handy bit of cross-promotion for Google services.

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The page will now feature what Google is calling “cards,” not just link, which could direct you to lớn things lượt thích a recently visited recipe site where you had been browsing for ideas, a Google doc you need lớn finish editing, or a retailer’s website where you had left your shopping cart filled with things you may lượt thích khổng lồ purchase at a later date. The latter ties into Google’s larger investment in online shopping, which has already seen the search giant trying to lớn grab more market giới thiệu in the space by making sản phẩm listings miễn phí & partnering with e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Google is rightly concerned about Amazon’s surging advertising business, which is a large part of the retailer’s “Other” category that grew 87% year-over-year lớn generate $7.9 billion in the second quarter. Now, it’s capitalizing on Chrome’s New Tab real estate to elevate shopping activity in the hopes of pushing users to lớn complete their transactions.

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Another change aims to lớn make it easier to bởi website research. Google says that often, users searching for something on its platsize will navigate to lớn multiple web pages to lớn find their answer. The new version of Chrome will experiment with a different way of connecting users khổng lồ their search results by adding a row beneath the address bar on Chrome for Android that will show the rest of the results so you can navigate to other website pages without needing khổng lồ hit the back button.

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A new “quote cards” experiment, also coming khổng lồ Chrome Beta on Android, will allow users to lớn create a stylized image for social sharing that features text found on websites. Taking a screengrab of a website’s text is something that’s already a comtháng activity, và particularly for people who want to nói qua a key point from a news article they’re reading with followers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. With this new feature, you’ll be able khổng lồ long-press text lớn highlight it, then tap Share và select a template by tapping on the “Create Card” option from the menu.

All features are a part of the Chrome Beta browser. To enable experiments, you can type chrome://flags into the browser’s address bar or click on the Experiments beaker icon, & then enable the flags. The associated flags for these experiments are #ntp-modules flag (New Tab page), #continuous-search (tìm kiếm results changes) & #webnotes-stylize flag (quote cards).

Experiments don’t necessarily become Chrome features that roll out more broadly. Instead, they offer Google a way lớn capture large-scale user feedbaông chồng about its new kiến thiết ideas, so the features can be tweaked and fine-tuned before a public release.