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The Crawford household isn’t uno household surname like the Kardashians. However if identificación had come compare ns mystic they bring to the table it wouldn’t be un shame to recognize their secret with ns Kardashians. Undoubtedly, the TV dando “Feud” the depicts ns real-life personalities of ns Crawford household has got los audience every riled up.

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The show that revolves around the volatile relationship in between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis during their mil novecientos sesenta y dos movie What ever Happened to infant Jane has led to different accusations and mysterious personality of the classical empezar herself. But tiny is known about her 5 adopted youngsters who have constantly kept themselves away representar the spot life.

Here we bust abajo the enigma of among her own son – Christopher Crawford.

So who really is Christopher Crawford

It might stir ns confusion on los name that “Christopher Crawford” together there were two Christopher in ns Crawford family. So simply to clear ns doubt, the one that has actually all ns buzz is ns third kid Joan Crawford adopted.

Born top top October 15, 1943, he was likewise formally known as Phillip terry Jr front to ns adoption. The name was provided to the by Joan and her then-husband Phillip Terry. When the couple separation in 1946, she adjusted his son’s surname to Christopher Crawford.

Regarded together one of the greatest female stars of standard Hollywood Cinema, Jone frequently headlined los news for she rancorous acts against her niños especially when she disinherited her two children Christina y Christopher.

Where did the first Christopher go?

Christopher(I) born in April 1941 was embraced by Joan and Philip in 1942. They gave their whole life and soul come take treatment of their infant boy.

However, castle were forced to give up their kid to his organic mother that surprisingly want him back. Joan was supposedly shattered by los incident y always remembered him in her entire lifetime. In one interview with David Frost, he constantly mentioned adapting cinco children.

Young Christopher (II): exactly how did he grow up as a young kid



Source: Velvet Ropes

Christopher Crawford to be an introvert kid throughout his toddler days. However, the día he found fuera de he to be adopted, the turned into ns mess maker. He supplied to lock himself in the patria avoiding communication con even Joan.

In quest of his organic parents, the ran representar home at countless times. He first ran far at the age that 7. Then, at ns age of 10, he disappeared for un week and slept under the papa noel Monica Pier. The later claimed that his mother was difficult on him. She used to strap him on the bed. In ~ one point, she even made him host his manos on fireplace which resulted in plenty of blisters says los 6-foot 4-inch guy.

He was kicked representar many army schools because that his disruptive behavior. He to be labeled as the “problem kid” of ns block. He later on admitted that he was uno difficult boy to handle.

Striking at the peak that his teenage period, he went as much as stealing un car. He was obnoxious y had rage management worries which compelled him come leave home at uno tender period of 18.

Christopher Crawford Adulthood


Since he ran far at a shallow age, the faced un rough life. While he remained in his nineteens, he got married to a waitress con whom he had actually his very first child. He operated as los lifeguard y lived in Miami in his at an early stage days.

He had actually three children with his first wife whom he divorce later. As soon as asked about his kids, that subtly commented “No Idea.” This proves that he solid had any connection or love affection with his kids.

In the 1960s, that went to uno Vietnamese war and later moved to Greenport, nuevo York in 70s. In between all ns trauma that war, he squeezed an additional marriage with ns woman called Gale. They had actually one boy name, Chrystal.

Most the his job flipped like ns coin in in between being unemployed y working as the lineman in Long island Electric.

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Christopher’s relationship con his mommy


It doesn’t take it Sherlock Holmes come uncover the tension between los family once a son calls she mother with her initials. That’s Right. He supplied to speak “J.C” to descrito his mother.

In 1962, the did visit his foster mother con his wife and son. However, she belittles them by accused claiming his boy to be los bastard.

He told that once he went on to fulfill his mother with his seis weeks old daughter. I told mine daughter,’

Janet, that’s your grandmother; she’s uno very famed lady.’ J.C said, ‘I’m nobody’s grandmother. I’m Aunt Joan.’ climate she handed her espalda to me y said, ‘She doesn’t look anything choose you!

Then, Christopher never saw his mom again.

Death of Joan Crawford


Joan Crawford passed far in 1977 as ns result of heart attack. Christopher did attend his mother’s entierro but says that he no in touch with his mother. Ns only hora he acquired hold of her was cinco years regreso when he referred to as her come ask because that blood for his daughter. He cases that she convincingly denied his proposal by saying You space adopted.

Until ns death that his mommy in 1977, he maintained himself estranged from his mother. Joan also disinherited Christopher y Christina representar her will. In she will, she stated,”It is my intention come make cuales provision herein for my estaban Christopher or mine daughter Christina for reasons which are famous to them. She left she property and funds in the name of los twin daughters, friend Betty Barker, and various charities.

However, kris along con his elder sisters appealed against ns will y got $27500 from Joan’s estate.


Christina Crawford y Controversy surrounding Mommy Dearest

Christina was los sister y first child to be adopted by Joan Crawford. She is a soap ópera actress but far better known for she memoir “Mommy Dearest” i beg your pardon was released in 1978 just after a year that Joan’s death. The autobiography took los Hollywood scene by surprise as that painted ns much darker junto a of ns actress.

We as los public gained to understand about los disparity between mother y daughter about 1968. Los news aired as soon as Christina took a tratamiento médico leave desde her CBS soap “The secret Storm” and Joan changed herself in the role.

She declared her mother to be an abusive alcoholic con serious rage issues. She went as far as to portray the evil junto a of her mommy by accusing she of boy abuse and torture. She shredded mine dress y forced me to wear it simply to make funny of me speak Christina in she memoir.

However, ns validity of her accusations deserve to be questioned since the memoir was only released after the fatality of Joan. But in the biography “Not the Girl siguiente Door: the Joan knew about the book every along yet decided to play quietly.

“I think she’s using my surname strictly to do money. Me gustaría think this publication will be full of lies y twisted truths. Me gustaría don’t think my adopted daughter is creating this book just come hurt me. If her purpose were to hurt me, she has already completed it without going to the trouble the writing a book.”

Additionally, los allegations were completely denied by los twin sisters claiming the Christina could have been living in a different house. Y they got the best possible mother in Joan Crawford.

Christopher, however, took sides of his elder sister y claims the allegations to be true. He likewise told der Angeles veces that he had received $1500 desde waiving his best to Christina’s book.

Where is Christopher Crawford now?

Unfortunately, Christopher Crawford no live largo to see through los dramatic phenomenon the his family members show. The passed away on September 22, 2006, because of cancer. He to be just 62 years viejo when he died.

What taken place to ns twin daughters that Joan Crawford adopted?

The dos daughter Cathy y Cynthia Crawford had ns pleasant lifestyle as contrasted to your brother y elder sister. They both got $77000 one inheritance from their mummy estate. Moreover, Cathy likewise inherited an useful properties choose the 1946 Oscar because that “Mildred Pierce.” She sold ns Oscar at auction in mil novecientos noventa y tres for which she received a hefty price the $68500.

Cynthia married the hombre he met in ~ Dubuque college at the age that twenty. They had two niños together Jan y Joel. After nine la edad of marriage, they officially dubbed quit. Because of her ongoing health problems, she shed her job y had to live in windy housing.

In 1990, she started her find hunt of for her organic parents eventually reconnecting con her father J.W Jordon and mother both in Tennessee. She then relocated to tennesse to be close to her biological father too as help him in his business.

Unfortunately, Cynthia passed away on October 14, 2007, if awaiting un Liver Transplant. She was diagnosed con Hepatitis i m sorry needed ns liver transplant.

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Cathy, however, married a Navy Seaman called Jerome Lalonde ~ above Aug 10, 1968, in Alexandria Bay, nuevo York. They both have a daughter and son called Carla and Casey respectively. She filed because that divorce with Jerome and ended their relationship in 1984. In retaliation to Christina’s allegation, she along with author Charlotte Chandler published the biography,”Not los Girl next Door: Joan Crawford, A personal Biography.”

The book revealed another angle come the story where it covers los unpublished interviews the Joan Crawford. In los interviews, she is heard accusing Christina the her absence of gratitude nature.

We can’t specifically tell that is telling los truth y who is hiding ns fact. The feud could have lightened up ns dark junto a of ns Crawford Family yet what stored between them ended with mystery.