Meet ns most beloved sitcom steed of ns '90s, veinte years later. He’s a curmudgeon with a heart of...not quite gold...but something favor gold. Copper?


Will Arnett is uno horse of a different shade in this Emmy-nominated animated comedy co-starring Aaron Paul and Amy Sedaris.

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Once the star of ns hit sitcom "' Around," today BoJack's washed up, simply hanging around Hollywood complaining, and wearing vibrant sweaters.

BoJack is jealous of Diane's relationship con Mr. Peanutbutter; Todd's in a new environment.

When that learns the his old friend desde "' Around" is dying, BoJack tries to repair fences.

Months delaware his memoir is released, BoJack's being considered for a role that's ns lifelong dream.

With his memoir a bestseller y the movie function of his dreams, BoJack's prepared to jump-start his career and his life. Uneven he messes it every up.

BoJack trust an upbeat perspective will readjust his life, but that attitude doesn't mesh well con his nuevo acting job.

BoJack is attracted to the one female in town who has alguno idea who he is (because she was in uno coma). Todd opens ns theme park.

A funeral turns into uno treasure hunt for the "' Around" cast -- and a potential schmooze-fest because that Princess Carolyn y Mr. Peanutbutter.

Princess Carolyn, BoJack, Diane y Mr. Peanutbutter find out some important lessons about love in ns wake of a surprise birthday party.

BoJack really desires his director, Kelsey, to favor him. Todd, Diane y Kelsey's daughter help un chicken who's on the lam desde the police.

Princess Carolyn watch an opportunity when Mr. Peanutbutter's certified dealer dies. BoJack flips once he says los "" word fuera de loud to Wanda.

Diane goes turn off script throughout BoJack's book tour, dangerous Mr. Peanutbutter's nuevo show. Tod gets involved in international affairs.

BoJack is one of los celebrity guest stars on ns first episode of Mr. Peanutbutter's juego show, however the game doesn't go as expected.

BoJack cooks up ns scheme con Kelsey, Todd, Princess Carolyn and Mr. Peanutbutter to steal a grave shot for ns Secretariat film.

Todd gets suck into los cult of improv comedy. Wanda think Diane is a bad influence on BoJack as soon as he has to repartir with un career crisis.

BoJack goes on ns road pilgrimage to visit an viejo friend y gets un taste of presence outside ns Hollywood bubble.

The important things in life end up being clear come BoJack when todd moves el fin to join the improv comedy grupo on their one-of-a-kind cruise ship.

"" is a huge success, y BoJack's lastly feeling his oats. But when it involves his emplea life, every little thing he touches transforms to manure.

Ana Spanakopita sends out BoJack to new York to do interviews, and Todd tags along. Princess Carolyn tells Mr. Peanutbutter come get regreso to work.

In 2007, Princess Carolyn find a new project for BoJack, Diane meets Mr. Peanutbutter at the coffee shop wherein she works, and Todd kisses a girl.

BoJack is framed for los murder of a Whale mundo dancer. Mr. Peanutbutter y Todd gain into uno stinky situation with ns skunk próximo door.

BoJack bring away an underwater pilgrimage to the océano pacífico Ocean Film reparado for the “Secretariat” premiere, wherein he tries to reach fuera de to Kelsey.

While Todd y BoJack crash a rehearsal dinner, Diane gets high with un client. Princess Carolyn goes on a series of remote dates.

Diane's tweet soil Sextina Aquafina in hot water. Prankster and A-list emitir Jurj Clooners gets debajo BoJack's skin.

Todd builds ns giant papier-mâché todd head. Un customer servicio rep offers BoJack some sound advice as soon as he tries come cancel his newspaper subscription.

BoJack is increase for uno part in David Pincher's latest film. Diane meets Mr. Peanutbutter's brother, and Todd takes los business in a new direction.

BoJack meets Princess Carolyn at Elefante, leading to un night that soul-searching as they help ns staff impress a comida critic.

Mr. Peanutbutter announces the Oscar nominees. BoJack surrounds himself con admirers, however his real friendships space falling apart.

On un drug-fueled bender, BoJack y Sarah Lynn crash an AA meeting, y BoJack decides to do amends to ns people the hurt.

Mr. Peanutbutter saves ns day. Tod gets exciting news. BoJack, Diane y Princess Carolyn pursue nuevo opportunities.

While BoJack wrestles with self-loathing and loss, todd helps Mr. Peanutbutter run for gobernador of California and Diane gets ns job in ~ a cadera blog.

Mr. Peanutbutter's project to remind the gobernador of California culminates in un high-stakes ski race. Meanwhile, BoJack is i do not have anything to it is in found.

BoJack go off the grid and winds up at his grandparents' dilapidated patria in Michigan, wherein he befriends a dragonfly haunted by ns past.

Helpful to a fault, tod is spread thin doing favors because that Princess Carolyn, Mr. Peanutbutter y a visitant with uno potential link to BoJack.

The campaign takes uno toll ~ above Diane's love life. BoJack help Hollyhock search for her mom. Princess Carolyn do the efforts to acquire pregnant.

A mass shoot at un mall create a pr nightmare because that Princess Carolyn. BoJack take away Hollyhock come visit his estranged mother.

Surrounded by family, BoJack spirals right into self-loathing. Princess Carolyn and Rutabaga Rabitowitz destinadas Courtney and Todd's sham wedding.

Mr. Peanutbutter's posh campaign fundraiser takes uno terrifying turn. As chaos swirls roughly them, BoJack and Diane gain drunk.

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Hollyhock starts dating an intern top top BoJack's new show. Princess Carolyn meets Ralph's parents. Mr. Peanutbutter throw his support behind Woodchuck.

On one dreadful day, Princess Carolyn deals con rejection, deception and loss. BoJack y Diane shot to track down Hollyhock's bear certificate.

Diane leaks damaging info on Jessica Biel, Todd's clown dentist company hits uno snag, y Princess Carolyn finds expect in an i can not qualify place.

In 1963, joven socialite Beatrice Sugarman meets the rebellious Butterscotch caballería at her debutante party.

Princess Carolyn pitches "" to la empresa execs. Tod gets un better organization idea. BoJack come to ns realization about Hollyhock.

BoJack's back on display screen as the star of "," a nuevo detective serie produced by Princess Carolyn. But his demons are fuera de in completamente force.

BoJack has actually misgivings around his nuevo show. Princess Carolyn access time an fostering agency. Tod interviews for a job in ~

Diane divorces Mr. Peanutbutter and moves into uno shabby studio. Emotion melancholy, she travels to Vietnam to obtain away from it all.

Todd meets Yolanda's parents, who don't know she's asexual. Mr. Peanutbutter romances ns young waitress. Gina confesses uno childhood dream come BoJack.

When Princess Carolyn casts a disgraced celeb in "," BoJack inadvertently takes un stand. Mr. Peanutbutter tries come toughen up his image.

Painful memory come rushing back when Princess Carolyn visits she hometown and meets uno pregnant teen. Ns stunt goes awry on the "" set.

Diane's therapist motivates her to set boundaries with BoJack. Ns missing wire cheese ignites a dispute in between Todd and Princess Carolyn.

At BoJack's 25th annual Halloween party, Pickles it s okay a crash course in Mr. Peanutbutter's romantic history -- and some advice from Diane.

A visiting Hollyhock dumps BoJack's painkillers, sending him on un desperate find for more. Todd tries to deal with Emily's date dilemma.

At los "" premiere party, Princess Carolyn deftly negotiates un deal, Gina measures into ns limelight, and Diane confronts BoJack.

"" is uno hit, and filming begins on Season 2. But as BoJack spirals deeper right into addiction, he loser his fixed on reality.

In los midst of los latest promoción crisis, Princess Carolyn gets a life-changing opportunity. Con Diane's help, BoJack finally faces the music.

BoJack costumbres his means toward redemption as a stint in rehab forces him to confront his mistakes y start make amends.

BoJack checks into Pastiches, uno Malibu rehab facility, wherein he grapples con memories of buy it Lynn's death and his own troubled childhood.

When she nanny quits, Princess Carolyn battles to balance the requirements of work and parenting. Mr. Peanutbutter access time BoJack in rehab.

Girl Croosh sends out Diane on los road con rugged cameraman Guy, yet she balks when they ask her to producido more feel-good stories.

Todd organizes ns surprise wedding for Pickles y Mr. Peanutbutter, but the party easily goes off ns rails when Mr. Peanutbutter makes un confession.

Dr. Campeón tells BoJack it's time to leave rehab. Mr. Peanutbutter's call takes un hit. In Chicago, Diane wrestles with writer's block.

The aides of Hollywoo walk on strike. BoJack tries to aid Dr. Champ. When todd learns that his mother needs a kidney, Diane comes up with ns plan.

BoJack travels roughly the país reconnecting with loved ones, if Mr. Peanutbutter embarks on his own nacional tour as ns face that depression.

A reporter digs into los circumstances neighboring Sarah Lynn's death. Hollyhock go to un party in new York City.

When BoJack starts to teach an acting course at Wesleyan, Hollyhock to adjust some borders in their relationship.

Diane's depression lifts, but she's tho struggling to comienzo writing she memoir. Reporters Paige y Max salary Penny ns visit.

While Paige and Max inquiry Mr. Peanutbutter at his restaurant, a panicked BoJack tries to piece together what's happening.

After los Sarah Lynn story breaks, BoJack gives uno live interview ~ above TV. Diane meets Guy's teenage son.

BoJack gets a new AA sponsor. Tod plans un sophisticated party to admire his parents. Diane gets to recognize Sonny.

Angela Diaz reaches el fin to BoJack. Princess Carolyn gets an offer from Lenny Turteltaub. Tod cooks up ns scheme.

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