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Disney has constantly found methods to develop animated films that go representar breaking one’s heart to melt it, while additionally reminding united state of the simple joys of life. Lock are past just films for children, as each of lock is uniquely profound in its very own way, y serves both together reminders y lessons on love, hope, and life, in an ext ways 보다 one can possibly imagine.

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‘Big Hero 6’, then, is maybe Disney’s most experimental endeavors it spins date, and also one of its most successful one.It is no only the highest grossing animated película of 2014, but all Disney’s third-highest grossing non-Pixar movie of all time, próximo to ‘Frozen’ and ‘The Lion King’. The film won Academy compensation for finest Animated Feature, y also received gold Globe and BAFTA nominations.

Loosely based on los superhero team of ns same name by Marvel Comics, the centres around Hiro Hamadi, a young robotics prodigy, and his shortcut with ns big inflatable healthcare robot, Baymax. The movie is set in ns futuristic city of Sanfransokyo, an amalgamation of smo Francisco y Tokyo, as our protagonist, Hiro, too, is half-Japanese, half-American. The película portrays Hiro grieving los death the his brother, Tashadi, who was Baymax’s creator. It has actually Hiro and Baymax teaming as much as create uno high-tech superhero team in order come avenge his brother’s death.

‘Big Hero 6’ was released in 2014, y since its wide critical acclaim y commercial success, entusiastas have asked the inevitable: will certainly there be uno sequel? the speculations y rumours have been walking on ever since its release, as both los creators and the cast have to be interested in the possibility. Ns movie too termina with un scene where los team reunites to continue working as superheroes, setting up your future adventures. Here’s everything we know about the sequel.

Big Hero 7 Plot: What can It it is in About?


“Tadashi is here.”

The gestión said through Baymax in ‘Big Hero 6’, not just marks ns most emotionally cathartic, however heartwarming, scene of ns film, it also serves as ns foreshadowing that what may come next.

‘Big Hero 6’ termina with Hiro teaming up con Baymax and the remainder of los team, GoGo, Wasabi, love husband Lemon y Fred, as they reunite come save the day. The scene before the fin credits has Hiro saying, “The good thing is the my brother want to help un lot the people. That’s what we’re going come do.” We space then surprised by un hilarious Stan lee cameo in the artículo credit scene, which has actually Stan leer as Fred’s father, saying, “We’ve un lot to talk about”, certainly hinting at ns future Disney – Marvel teamwork for un ‘Big Hero 6’ sequel.

It has actually been over cinco years due to the fact that ‘Big Hero 6’ to be released y even though there isn’t yet un sequel feature film yet, us did, in uno way, acquire our sequel. ‘Big Hero 6: los Series‘, premiered in 2017, together an adaptation of ns film, for Disney Channel. The serie was produced by mark McCorkle y Bob Schooley the ‘Kim Possible’ fame. The serie continues representar where the film ends, y has been un success. It has the entire actors reprising their roles. ‘Big Hero 6: the Series’was newly renewed for a third season. In spite of this, there has been uno huge speculation about un sequel feature film titled, ‘Big Hero 7’, i m sorry would introduce a new character to the team the 6.

Unconfirmed rumours have actually consistently stated that the sequel will have actually the regresar of Tadashi Hamadi, Hiro’s enlarge brother, and Baymax’s creator, that supposedly die in the first film. Due to the fact that the film is based upon Marvel Comics of ns same name, y has already been ongoing with los Disney series, over there is plenty of scope because that a film sequel since of every the cosa that’s currently available. It has been speculated that Tadashi would return in the sequel of ‘Big Hero 6’ together Sunfire.

Tadashi has been an initial to the film and was not un character in the Marvel Comics. In the original comics, Hiro is an only child, y Sunfire is ns former huge Hero 6 team member y leader. The comics initially likewise has Hiro mourning los supposed death of Sunfire, his idol, just to later learn that he was lively all along. As Tadashi dies in a fire in los film, it provides him returning as Sunfire also more puede pasar because of his strength of generating super-heated plasma. There have likewise been rumours that Tadashi together Sunfire, returning as a villain, just to ultimately become a part of the Big Hero team come fight ns bigger villain.

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Big Hero 7 Cast: Who can Be In It?


There are cuales surprises here. Since los original cast and voices behind ns Big Hero 6 team have currently been working on Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6: los Series’, the film sequel will have actually them all reprising their original roles. So, us will have Ryan Potter together Hiro, Baymax together Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung as GoGo Tomago, Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon, T.J. Miller as Fred, Damon Wayans Jr. As Wasabi, and of course, Maya Rudoph as Aunt Cass. The sequel will certainly probably likewise have Daniel Henney reprising his together Tadashi.

Genesis Rodriguez declared in she interview forMTV news that she is more than interested to work on uno sequel to los film, and ever since the Oscars, there have actually been talks about los possibility that one:

“We spoke during Oscar night and were like, ‘Well, maybe now that us got los Oscar, this might happen,"” Rodriguez admitted. “There’s naught definitive. There’s talks of other happening. We just don’t recognize what yet.”

But due to the fact that we got ns animated tv series, we room still not sure if Rodriguez was talking about the donar or if there is uno solid possibility of a película sequel come ‘Big Hero 6’.

Also, as we haven’t however learned much more about ns main antagonist of the sequel, we can’t say for sure who would be playing it, but los sequel will many likely have a nuevo cast member included to the team to jugar the role.

Big Hero 7 Crew: Who deserve to Be Behind It?


Well, there are no surprises here either. If there is uno sequel feature film to ‘Big Hero 6’, that will marcos another Disney-Marvel collaboration for sure. There is also a really strong possibility for the sequel, ‘Big Hero 7’, given the track record of Disney in ns past pair of years con its huge number that sequels y remakes.

Directors the ‘Big Hero 6’, don Hall and Chris Williams, have declared their attention in ns project in one interview with Creative Screenwriting, but have also mentioned that they would offer it uno thought only after a break.

“We love these characters, y the thought of working con them again some trabaja definitely has its appeal … has to feel favor a story that really has to be told, or deserves to it is in told. That can’t just be cashing in on the success of un previous film.”

Stan Lee, in an interview with Toronto Sun, had additionally mentioned the possibility of working on ns ‘Big Hero 6’ sequel in the coming years after Marvel is done functioning on the upcoming projects:

“After Ant-Man, we’re going to start playing around with Doctor Strange, ns Black Panther, ns Inhumans, y then we need to come back for Guardians of ns Galaxy 2, large Hero 6, los Avengers, Captain America”

Despite the largo gap, we can still expect for the possibility of ‘Big Hero 6’, provided both ns recent track document of Disney, and how súper hero films generally work.

Big Hero 7 Release Date: When have the right to It Premiere?

Since all ns talks about the sequel come ‘Big Hero 6’ have actually mostly been speculations, there is still no solid confirmation on even if it is ‘Big Hero 7’ will certainly be made.

But provided Disney’s record, the sequels come ‘Frozen‘, ‘Wreck that Ralph‘ y ‘Maleficent‘ (movies the were released around the same hora as ‘Big Hero 6’), were just released in the past two years. While on ns other hand, another Disney superhero movie ‘Incredibles‘ had actually its sequel delaware around 14 long years. Basically, over there is still a huge possibility that we carry out get un sequel to ‘Big Hero 6’ in future.

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If at all ‘Big Hero 7’ walk happen, my guess is it will release roughly 2023 or later, together Disney is fast to announcement its future projects y there have actually been alguna announcements yet.