Atractivos turisticos de madrid

Madrid offers many things come do, charming neighbourhoods y lively parks to explore, like the palace, Retiro, Prado and more. Discover the best places to visit, so you don"t miss out on any kind of of Madrid"s peak attractions


The Prado museo is the most important art museum in Madrid y one of ns world’s many visited museums with works by Goya, Velazquez and more.

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The Puerta del Sol is Madrid’s most renowned square. The houses many landmarks choose “El Oso y ns Madroño”, km 0 and the most famed clock in ns city.

The Plaza mayor is situated in ns heart that Madrid, an extremely near los Puerta de Sol. It was designed by Juan después Herrera and Juan Gómez ese Mora.

Gran vía is the most famous calle in Madrid. The was developed between 1910 and mil novecientos veintinueve to connect the neighborhoods that Salamanca and Arguelles.

El Retiro parque is Madrid’s most renowned park, with ns large lake, musicians, puppet shows, fortune tellers y spaces con exhibitions.
The Puerta después Alcalá is one of los most representative monuments in Madrid, located at Plaza ese la independiente near ns Retiro.
The Plaza de Cibeles is Madrid’s most well known square. Verdadero Madrid y the Spanish football team celebrate their victories in los beautiful Cibeles fountain.
The Royal royal residence is los Royal Family’s official residence. It is additionally referred come in Spanish together “Palacio después Oriente” y was established in the 1800s.
The temple of Debod is one of Madrid’s most beautiful concealed treasures. That was provided to Spain by Egypt because that helping save the Abu Simbel temples.
The Bernabeu stadium is the patria of verdadero Madrid fútbol americano Club, one of football"s most successful teams, y one of los most went to sights in Madrid.
The Puerta del Sol is Madrid’s many renowned square. That houses countless landmarks like “El Oso y el Madroño”, km 0 y the most famous clock in the city.
The Plaza mayor is situated in ns heart the Madrid, very near los Puerta ese Sol. It was designed through Juan ese Herrera and Juan Gómez ese Mora.
Gran por is ns most famous calle in Madrid. That was built between 1910 and 1929 to connect ns neighborhoods that Salamanca y Arguelles.
The Puerta ese Alcalá is one of los most representative monuments in Madrid, situated at Plaza del la independiente near ns Retiro.
The Plaza ese Cibeles is Madrid’s most well known square. Verdadero Madrid y the Spanish fútbol americano team celebrate your victories in the beautiful Cibeles fountain.
Callao is one of ns main meeting points in Madrid, anf one of the livliest squares in los city. Learn about its history and how to get there.
The Neptune fractional is one of los most beautiful white marble neo-classical fountains in Madrid. Atletico la villa de madrid celebrates its to win here.
Plaza ese Oriente have the right to be found in Madrid"s historical centre, surrounded by dos of Madrid"s most important buildings; los Royal Palace and the royal Theatre.
The Teatro verdadero of la capital española is one of ns most emblematic monuments of the capital. That is located in los Plaza de Oriente, in prior of ns Royal Palace.
The Royal palace is ns Royal Family’s official residence. The is likewise referred to in Spanish as “Palacio ese Oriente” y was established in los 1800s.
Located in between the grande Vía and Calle Princesa, ns Plaza después España is one of los most popular squares in madrid for both tourists y locals.
The cathedral of Madrid, Almudena Cathedral, was consecrated by Pope hombre Paul II in 1993 when it was completed. Information on its opening hours y more.
Plaza de colon is a wide open space, overcame by an substantial monument to Christopher Columbus, created between mil ochocientos ochenta y uno and 1885.
The temple of Debod is among Madrid’s many beautiful covert treasures. It was offered to Spain through Egypt for helping save los Abu Simbel temples.
The cuatro Torres (Four Towers) are the symbol of los most modern-day part of Madrid y its service district. These skyscrapers are ns tallest in Spain.
El Rastro is Madrid’s most renowned flea market located in the city center, in La Latina. That is open up on Sundays and public holidays until 3 pm approximately.
The Círculo ese Bellas arte is ns cultural company in a striking building con an impressive y trendy rooftop with spectacular see of Madrid.
The Cibeles palace is among Madrid"s many iconic buildings. Discover the restaurant and the viewpoint of the la capital de españa Town Hall.

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The central Plaza de Santa Ana is one of los best places in the city to protect against for ns drink, or enjoy its design lit increase by night. Find more.
El Pardo Royal royal residence is situated in the district that Fuencarral – el Pardo. From 1939 to 1975, it was los official residence of the Dictator Franco.
los Plaza del Toros después Las rotación has a capacity for gastos generales 23,000 people. It is the largest bullring in Spain y the 3rd biggest in los world.
The Bernabeu stadion is the casa of de verdad Madrid football Club, one of football"s many successful teams, and one of los most checked out sights in Madrid.
The Wanda metropolitana is los new and state of the letras Atletico del Madrid stadium -papposo one of ns most modern in all Europe. Gain to recognize it.
The historic Mercado de San miguel (Market of san Miguel) is a charming covered food market that retains its initial 20th century iron structure.
The Teleférico, los city’s cable car, is uno great means to uncover Madrid from above. Gain its see of optimal attractions, including los Royal Palace.
Chamberi station was inagurated in mil novecientos diecinueve as part of ns first hilera on the la capital de españa metro. Abandoned since 1966, the is now uno veritable hora capsule.
Constructed for usar by the military, conadeip Duque is one imposing Baroque structure which now is one of los most important social centes in Madrid
The Prado museo is ns most important art museum in Madrid and one of the world’s many visited museums with works through Goya, Velazquez and more.
The Reina Sofia museo is one of ns most saw museums in Madrid. Established in 1992, it contains ns large arsenal of twentieth siglo Spanish art.
The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, additionally known as los Thyssen Museum, is one of los most checked out museums in Madrid. The features almost 1,000 works of art.
The país Archaeological museum in la villa de madrid is los most important archaeological museum in Spain. Discover its history and main artwork
The la capital de españa Wax museum has over cuatrocientos cincuenta wax numbers representing politicians, celebrities and sports legends. Uno great place to go con children!
The Naval museo (Museo Naval) shows ns history of the Spanish navy y contains paintings, coin collections, boats and weapons.
Housed in ns beautiful seventeenth siglo mansion, ns Cerralbo museum features an impressive art y historical objects collection.
Situated in ns neo-classical palace, the museum of Romanticism recreates the ciudad life of los gentry of madrid during ns Romantic period.
The muesum of the history of la capital española has terrific collection, demonstrating the evolution of ns city. Discover it with us.
The Sorolla museo is ns well preserved house with an exceptional private repertoire of art; tiny known, yet well precious visiting.
Inaugurated in mil novecientos ochenta y cuatro in the viejo Delicias station, los railway museum offers un trip through time, mirroring visitors ns history the train take trip in Madrid
El Retiro parque is Madrid’s many renowned park, with un large lake, musicians, puppet shows, fortune tellers and spaces with exhibitions.
Commissioned by ns Duchess of Osuna, Capricho parque is one of ns most charming green-spaces in Madrid y it is never an extremely crowded.
The royal Botanic Garden in la villa de madrid houses gastos generales 5,000 different types of flowers, and is one of ns capital’s many enjoyable eco-friendly lungs.
The Sabatini Gardens (Jardines de Sabatini) are exquisite neoclassical-style gardens found on the northern façade of ns Royal palace in Madrid.
Casa de campo is Madrid"s main green lung. With more than 1,700 hectares that is the largest public park in ns city.
Parque ese Oeste is a 100 hectare green space in the norte of Madrid. Find el fin how to obtain there, and what come see once you arrive.
Madrid río is un major urban park on los banks of the Manzanares, sobre steis for leisure, sport y relaxing. See how to obtain there and what come look for.
The Parque después Atracciones is a large Amusement parque in Madrid’s patria de Campo. That is one of los largest in Spain y the an initial built in Madrid.
The la villa de madrid Zoo Aquarium is one of the oldest zoos in Spain. That was developed in 1770, once the página de inicio de Fieras (Wild fauna House) existed in el Retiro.
The parque Warner la capital española is one of los most famous theme parque in Spain. The parque was opened up in 2002 and the is located 15 miles (25 km) from Madrid.
Faunia is uno zoo y botanical garden in Madrid. This theme parque has over setecientos animal species y over 1,000 plants. The park represents miscellaneous ecosystems.
Safari la capital de españa is un theme park where you have the right to see wild animals in big open spaces from your car. You will feel prefer you’ve traveled to Africa.
Although Flamenco was produced in Andalucia in ns eighteenth century, la villa de madrid features part of the best “tablaos” (where Flamenco is performed) in Spain.
Aquopolis is the best method to get out of the madrid heat and have fun with family y friends. Learn about los price, opening times, and more
madrid is one of ns liveliest cities in Europe con an remarkable nightlife. It provides bars y clubs con all types of música to cater for all tastes.
For a lasting memory of Madrid, it"s un good option to head to the heights! below you"ll find ns list of the best rooftop bars in ns city.

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la capital de españa is an ideal city to visit during a weekend break, for this reason, we have actually prepared un step-by-step itinerary come spending dos amazing job in Madrid.
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