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Starring Sean Giambrone, trojan Gentile, Jeff Garlin, Wendi McLendon-Covey, george Segalbased on Adam Goldberg"s home videotapes y childhood stories representar the 1980s
I put a clip at the end of every admitir to remind human being that this is all verdadero stuff. Me gustaría am this kid, my mommy is an unreasonable smother and my dad yelled in ~ me all trabaja long in his tighty whities.

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-Adam F. Goldberg, Dinosaur Dracula, January 9, 2014
Questioning los Story:Where go the de verdad Goldberg family members live?

If you"ve watched The Goldbergs t.v. Show, you"ve most likely noticed ns lot the Philadelphia memorabilia, including Flyers shirts, etc. In researching the true story, we discovered that, like on los show, the de verdad Goldbergs lived in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, un suburban borough located around ten miles north the downtown Philadelphia. During ns episode "Kara-te," Barry even wears un Jenkintown t-shirt that reads, "Jenkintown Karate Studios".

The real Goldberg household (right), consisting of (clockwise from left) Adam, Barry, Eric, Murray and Beverly. Adam"s oldest brother, Eric, was changed to Erica for los TV show (left).
At los beginning of nearly every episode of The Goldbergs, the tv show"s narrator (Patton Oswalt) reminds us that ns current episode takes ar in "1980-something." together points fuera de in their interview with the de verdad Adam Goldberg, this ambiguity with regard to hora finds the characters discussing Poltergeist, exit in 1982, at los same time los brother, Barry (Troy Gentile), is super-excited about the Reebok Pump, i beg your pardon was developed in los late-eighties. Los main reason for the mildly confound (though regularly easy come overlook) issue with the show"s time marcos is the if the donar was set in uno specific year, like mil novecientos ochenta y cinco for example, the creators would need to wait approximately five año (five seasons) to incorporate references to specific "80s staples like Say Anything (1989), ns Reebok Pump and the Nintendo power Glove. no "I need to be so lucky to it is in five años in on ns show," says the de verdad Adam Goldberg. "And because that now me gustaría only have twelve episodes. He added that for most of us, once we recall our memories of the 1980s, we typically don"t remember the exact year anyway. "When me gustaría think, When did me gustaría win Legend that Zelda? identificación don"t mental what year that was. Identificación only remember that it to be somewhere in los mid to so late eighties. ... So we decided to collection it in "1980-something."" This opinión of having actually an undependable narrator to be "so liberating creatively. We might do anything ... It"s sort of ns melting pot of ns eighties. It"s exactly how you psychic it."

Has the admitir slipped up with regard to historic accuracy?

Yes. Return the dando overlooks details 1980s time cuadro issues, the has had some post-eighties aspects in its story lines. "I recognize I"ve slipped up ns couple times," admits the de verdad Goldberg. Near the fin of ns premiere episode, "The one of Driving," non-1980s carros can be seen in ns background as Murray (Jeff Garlin) sings REO Speedwagon"s "Can"t hit This Feeling." In another instance, castle used los term "re-gift," i m sorry wasn"t claimed until delaware the 1980s (

Did Adam"s dad really andar around the casa in his underwear?

Yes. Not only has Adam evidenced this is true, his close childhood friend, Chad Kremp (portrayed in the episode "The Kremps"), who lived across ns street, remembers seeing Adam"s dad Murray walking roughly their casa in his underwear y a t-shirt. no

The verdadero Murray Goldberg (right) chosen to relax in his underwear at patria just like emitir Jeff Garlin (left) on los show.

Did Adam"s real-life family yell un lot?

Yes. In fact, in an effort not come dissuade viewers, creator Adam Goldberg toned abajo the yelling for ns show. "In my family, all us did was yell," claims Adam. "...if i really showed what my mother was like, alguna one would certainly watch the show. ... This is ns Disney version for America." ( Adam says that he had "a dad that could scream and call you a moron and it wasn"t uno big deal." "Of course, me gustaría would never, ever before say the to my youngsters now," confesses Adam. "I think it would shatter lock to your core." (
Is los sister on los show, Erica Goldberg (Hayley Orrantia), based on a real person?

Yes, however in verdadero life, Erica is actually Eric, Adam Goldberg"s earliest brother. The Goldbergs true story reveals the he did no have any kind of sisters. "I saw more stories coming fuera of having a daughter in los mix," Goldberg reasons. "I yes, really took every one of Eric"s characteristics" y sculpted castle onto ns teenage girl"s personality. What go Adam"s real-life brothers think the this sex change? "He was disappointed in ~ first, yet he has finish deniability that his personality now."

Why to be Adam obsessed con videotaping and what brand of camera did he use?

Adam says that he used a "huge, clunky RCA camera," which is ns same brand joven Adam (Sean Giambrone) emplees on ns TV dando ( Watch the foto below. "I absolutely liked being an observer," claims Adam that his obsession with videotaping. "I think when you"re los youngest, overlooked child, that"s what friend are ns lot the times. ... Mine siblings were so lot older 보다 me that they didn"t want anything to do with me, they were kind of skip me." -The Goldbergs: Meet los Family no

emitir Sean Giambrone (left) with an RCA video camera on the show y the real Adam Goldberg (right) with his video cámara in los 1980s.

Did Adam"s grand (Pops) really choque his Trans-Am into a burger joint?

Yes. Adam recalls that his father, Murray, had to pay for los damage led to by Pops"s accident, "which really pissed the off," aprecies Goldberg. At a press conference, un journalist was an essential of the scene, implying that it was rather ageist. "It"s difficult to argue about ns veracity that the donar when it"s all true," says Goldberg. The incident is depicted in ns season one episode, "The one of Driving."

Did his grand have Alzheimer"s?

Yes. Though it"s not focused on heavily on ns show, Adam"s grandfather (Pops), shown by george Segal, display screens mild symptom of what might possibly be los beginnings the Alzheimer"s. In the episode "The one of Driving," after Pops crashes the automóvil into ns burger joint, Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) tells him, "Dad, her mind is not what it offered to be." In high school, the de verdad Adam created the play Dr. Pickup, i m sorry was motivated by his grandfather"s fight with ns disease. It winner him the 1992 Philadelphia young Playwrights competition. The was only fifteen at los time.

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Did Adam"s mom really dress him in ns train sweater?

Yes. In discussing los show, Adam confirmed that his "crazy mom" did dress him in ns train sweater. In the season one illustration "Daddy Daughter Day," Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) buys her estaban Adam (Sean Giambrone) a train sweater as part of his new school wardrobe. Adam rebels by going shopping for ns more hip wardrobe con Pops (George Segal).

Did Murray Goldberg yes, really own a furniture business?

Not exactly. ~ above The Goldbergs tv show, los dad, Murray (Jeff Garlin), runs un discount furniture business. He had actually taken gastos generales the operation of los business when his father-in-law, Albert "Pops" solomon (George Segal), retired. This is where the dando deviates somewhat desde the true story. In verdadero life, Murray"s dad (not his father-in-law) owned uno furniture store referred to as "Goldbergs" and Murray functioned there till college. Instead of taking gastos generales the organization like on los show, the real Murray Goldberg went on come become ns doctor. no In fact, the real Adam came from a household of doctors. His grand on his mother"s página (the basis because that Pops) was uno Russian immigrant who was los first Jew come graduate from the university of Kentucky tratamiento médico School. That went on come become un psychologist. As stated, Adam"s dad Murray, who passed away in 2008, to be also uno doctor, y his two brothers, Eric (Erica"s real-life counterpart) and Barry, both thrived up to come to be doctors (Eric specializes in neurology and sleep medicine, y Barry is un radiologist). In addition, Adam"s wife, that he met when he was dieciséis at un summer theater routine for high college students in ~ Northwestern University, is ns therapist (

Is the house on the show similar to the casa that the verdadero Adam prospered up in?

Not exactly. Based on his videotapes, the production crew had the ability to recreate numerous of ns interiors the his previous Jenkintown, Pennsylvania página de inicio on ns Sony estudios soundstage. However, the real Adam Goldberg go not flourish up in an average suburban patria as portrayed on ns show. He thrived up in uno large historic Tudor home that was built in mil novecientos veinticinco and consist of of seis bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a mahogany library, un hand sculpted chestnut staircase and a exclusive tennis/sport court. Located in uno prestigious neighborhood, its existing estimated worth is approximately $669,182 ( Together for the home"s interior, it to be much much more grandiose than what is checked out on ns show, which attempts to depict an typical middle-class family.

the Goldbergs" real house (right) was actually a large Tudor in one upper-class neighborhood. Un smaller, mean middle-class home is viewed on the donar (left).
no In addition to the interior, Adam"s videotapes were additionally used to help create ns cast"s wardrobe, come the punto that ns characters look at eerily raza to just how his family dressed in los 1980s, especially the father ( The verdadero Beverly Goldberg offered her onscreen counterpart, actress Wendi McLendon-Covey, un box the her viejo sweaters desde the 1980s, which Wendi put on on ns TV admitir (The Ellen DeGeneres Show).

Did Adam Goldberg really dress increase as un Rubik"s Cube for Halloween?

Yes. "Two years in a row! entirely true!!!" states the de verdad Adam Goldberg. Ns Rubik"s Cube costume is depicted in The Goldbergs Halloween episode "Who room You Going come Telephone?" which find Adam (Sean Giambrone) ditching mr (George Segal) to walk trick-or-treating con his "cool" nuevo friend.

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Are los Goldbergs" uptight neighbors across los street, ns Kremps, based upon a real family?

Yes. On the show, Beverly Goldberg (Wendi McLendon-Covey) is figured out to make friends con her uptight and standoffish neighbors, los Kremps, specifically ns mother, nombre de niña Kremp (Jennifer Irwin). She invites the Kremps over for a BBQ and the instance implodes. In de verdad life, the families were certainly opposites. "We were your everyday family," says the verdadero Chad Kremp, whose parents, choose on los show, had actually purchased the casa across los street. "There were four boys, and we all gained along y did things together. Over there wasn"t ns bullying y the choose on each various other like they go across ns street. The was an eye-opening experience. Los
punched each various other — we weren"t used to seeing that."

Left: Chad Kremp (Jacob Hopkins) y Adam Goldberg (Sean Giambrone) become friends on los show. Right: finest friends Chad Kremp y Adam Goldberg in the 1980s.
no Chad"s older brother drew remembers ns people the his mother had purchased ns house desde telling her, "...this is such a great neighborhood, except for los Goldbergs — they"re kinda crazy. the turned out, they ended up being our ideal friends." Chad y Adam were constantly at each other"s houses. In fact, Chad sent Adam around forty VHS tapes that footage desde their days invested making home movies together with their camcorders. Adam used Chad"s tapes along with his own to come increase with idea for los show. favor on ns show, the Kremps owned a localidades florist shop, Kremp Florist, in pasture Grove. Chad prospered up to correr the business with his family, currently sociedad anónima the title of Vice-President Sales. The real Chad Kremp has un cameo in "The Kremps" episode. He appears near the end of the episode in ns deli scene where he portrays one employee who is yelled in ~ by the actress play his mommy ( Check out Chad Kremp"s article around growing up con Adam.
Click to Enlarge the rules because that learning just how to juego Ball-Ball, noted by the real Adam Goldberg.
Is Ball-Ball a verdadero game?

"Yes, it"s real," claims Adam, "and yes, over there were countless rules. Some even involve regreso rubs." throughout The Goldbergs season one Thanksgiving illustration "Stop Arguing y Start Thanking," Adam and his brother juego an indoor juego that they made up called Ball-Ball. In a blog post on ns official Goldbergs TV admitir Facebook page, Adam F. Goldberg shared los rules of Ball-Ball, which we"ve re-posted (click image to enlarge los rules).

How accurate is Adam"s bedroom on the show?

In enhancement to countless of los toys, "All of the posters on the dando were posters me gustaría had in my room as a kid," claims Adam, "except because that Time Bandits and Revenge of the Jedi. Identificación always want those and could never find then. Sue me. It"s great fulfillment." In exploring The Goldbergs true story, we learned that Adam likewise had the estrella Wars bed sheets and a Black Hole sleeping bag. -Dinosaur Dracula

Did the de verdad Adam Goldberg own all ns toys checked out on ns show, including the 7"6" G.I. José U.S.S. Flagg aircraft Carrier?

"YES — in un sense," to write Adam in ns reply to Dinosaur Dracula"s short article about the toys watched in the episode "You"re under Foot." Adam states, "My best friend Chad Kremp that lived across the calle (seen in ns episode The Kremps) own Flagg y almost every Joe. And my casa was his house and vice versa (we all had un friend like this growing up) so identificación constantly had actually his toys. Did i OWN Flagg? No. Did identificación play with it favor it was mine? Yes. So identificación bought no G.I. Joes reason Chad had that covered. My jam was Transformers, Go-Bots, Thundercats, He-Man, M.A.S.K., estrella Wars and my favourite — Godaikins (especially go Lion i.e. Voltron)." Adam condiciones that he likewise owned Jetfire (Transformers) however sold the along con his Godaikins to help pay for his wedding.

emitir Sean Giambrone (left) with Castle Grayskull ~ above the televisión show. The real Adam Goldberg (right) poses con his toys (Godaikins) in los 1980s.
Adam admits that he just had ns few He-Man figures y that unlike what is viewed on the tv show, he never owned castle Grayskull (pictured). However, countless of ns toys viewed on the show are actually desde Adam"s emplea collection. This includes los Garbage Pail Kids. -Dinosaur Dracula

Is Adam"s to like on the show, Dana Caldwell, based upon a verdadero girl?

Yes. "She is real!" claims Adam, though he admits the he never gave the Caldwell girl"s brother his toys like his character does in the season one episode "You"re under Foot." ns episode depicts Adam (Sean Giambrone) offering away his toys as uno gesture of manlihood in hopes that that will aid score the his an initial kiss. -Dinosaur Dracula

The dos smothers. The de verdad Beverly Goldberg (left) in ~ age 70 in dos mil trece and her tv counterpart, Wendi McLendon-Covey.
Was Adam"s mommy Beverly really un "smother"?

Yes. On ns show, Adam"s mother Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) is labeled uno "smother." In other words, she is a mother that can"t aid but smother she children, come an absurd extent. In fact, whole episode is committed to she smothering, title "The various other Smother," throughout which Beverly go battle con another mommy who smothers (say that tres times fast). In addition to what"s watched on ns show, the verdadero Adam offered an additional extreme instance of his real-life mother"s smothering, saying that she "was so can not to part con that she slept gastos generales in his dorm room the first weekend he was at college." -The Goldbergs Official en facebook Page

Is "The Goldbergs" Adam"s initial title for ns show?

No. Ns true story reveals that Adam"s initial title because that the donar was "How los F*** Am identificación Normal," however ABC execs vetoed it. However, the was the title that Adam offered when that pitched the donar to ABC.

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Was Adam really un fan that The Goonies?

Yes. "The Goonies is my favorite movie of every time," Goldberg said "It"s ns reason I"m uno writer. I"ve watched it un billion times. Identificación would reenact it. I wrote Goonies scripts as a kid. Me gustaría collect props y memorabilia." He pays tribute to The Goonies with ns episode "Goldbergs never ever Say Die," during which Adam (Sean Giambrone) finds ns treasure mapa in los attic, sparking him to embark on a Goonies-like adventure con his siblings. Ns episode is not expected to be based on de verdad life. Instead, that is meant to mirror los film and be un homage. Goldberg admits that los episode to be never part of his show pitch come ABC. Adam Goldberg is such uno huge pan of The Goonies the he developed a pitch for ns sequel y a 20-page pitch for a Goonies musical. Act so gained him a meeting with Goonies director Richard Donner, one of Goldberg"s idols. He calls it the "greatest meeting and moment of mine life y career."

Did Adam yes, really re-create Tron in his basement?

Yes. "...I go that," Adam F. Goldberg confirms.

Comedian Patton Oswalt is The Goldbergs narrator.
Who narrates The Goldbergs tv show?

The Goldbergs narrator is comedian/actor Patton Oswalt, who delivers a Wonder Years-esque voice-over on los show, portraying a grown up Adam (Sean Giambrone) recalling memory of his crazy 1980s family. This ode come The Wonder Years was alguno accident, together it is the de verdad Adam Goldberg"s "favorite show of all time." Patton Oswalt has actually starred in a number of tv shows and films, including as Constable disparo Sweeney on the FX TV serie Justified. Other actors who were interested in doing los voice-over incorporate Tobey Maguire.

How go Adam Goldberg"s real-life household feel about los show?

In 2007, as soon as The Goldberg"s producer, Doug Robinson, very first suggested the Adam turn his childhood into a sitcom, los Hollywood t.v. Writer was a bit reluctant. "I assumed that they would certainly kill me," he said of his family. "And that civilization would correr screaming representar their TVs." He changed his mind ns year later following los death of his father, Murray, y the birth of his very first child. That realized that his parents had actually raised him and his brothers (pictured below) con love and had done ns best they could. Y in ns end, his mommy couldn"t be happier with the show, "My mommy thinks it"s validated everything she"s ever done." ( according to Adam, his brother, the de verdad Barry Goldberg (pictured center, below), wants to make it clear that "he does not correr like un tool," introduce to ns humorously awkward way that Barry (Troy Gentile) operation on the tv show. Various other than that, the de verdad Barry is a fan.

Adam F. Goldberg (left) with brothers Barry Goldberg (center) and Eric Goldberg (right) together adults. Eric was readjusted to Erica for the show.
The Goldbergs Trailer & related Videos

In enhancement to The Goldbergs true historia information above, below you deserve to view uno preview for The Goldbergs TV series on ABC, which is based upon Adam F. Goldberg"s videotapes the he made as a kid during the 1980s. Also, check fuera de several 1980s advertising for assets that are featured prominently on the show.

G.I. Artículo USS Flagg plane Carrier advertising (1986)

If you were un fan of G.I. Joe in themid-1980s, then you will certainly certainlyrecognize ns iconic juguete in this G.I. Joeaircraft carrier commercial. Ns USS Flaggappears in The Goldbergs seasonone episode "You"re debajo Foot." Adam(Sean Giambrone) mirrors his toys, includingthe Flagg, to his crush, Dana Caldwell(Natalie Alyn Lind). At 7"6", los aircraftcarrier is the largest G.I. Artículo play setto date.

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Reebok Pump banned Bungee run Commercial

In beforehand 1990, this Reebok Pump BungeeJump Commercial was banned by severalmajor networks y eventually traction byReebok delaware complaints from parents overthe risks of bungee jumping. On TheGoldbergs t.v. Show, Barry (TroyGentile) becomes an extremely excited around theReebok Pump pair of shoes during ns episode "MiniMurray," leading him to attempt un dunk infront the his household that doesn"t walk asplanned.

The Goldbergs Trailer

Watch los trailer for ns ABC t.v. ShowThe Goldbergs. Highlights fromseason one are shown, including anintroduction to los characters, exactly how theyinteract as ns family and scenes from thepremiere episode, "The one of Driving."