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Why Today Doesn’t Suck is the cross-talk segment that occurs every weekday at approximately 3:00 pm between BaD Radio and The Hardline. Rather than teasing ahead to the next show, it will include a list of notable people who are having a birthday, along with other historical events that have occurred on that day in years past."[1]


In 1999, BaD Radio took over the noon-3pm show from Rocco Pendola. During this time, Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell wanted to "get into the good graces of" Mike Rhyner, founder of The Ticket and their new mixing buddy.[2] Rhyner and Rocco had not gotten along near the end of Rocco's tenure, and BaD Radio wanted Mike to play along with them. Additionally, Mike wanted to properly introduce the P1 audience to the newly promoted or hired hosts.[2]

As seasoned radio hosts, Bob and Dan knew The Hardline would not want to tease ahead their show and sought to use the mixing segment as an opportunity to "screw around".[2] However, radio management is keen to minimize wasted time in all cases and seeks to stay on time. Producers of the segment are often forced to interject during WTDS to move things along. The long term sustainability and success of WTDS relies on the segment's popularity among P1s. Management of The Ticket reportedly conducted testing surveys on P1s, who consistently supported the segment.[2]

In addition to the standard subsegments (outline below), the nature of large number of mixing show hosts leads to chaotic and usually humorous repartee, song lyrics singing, on-air frustration, and drops.[2] Occasionally, hosts from The Musers and P1 callers are also included, occasionally in combination. The most famous example is between George Dunham and callers critical of The Musers.[2]

Dan McDowell recalled, "We would just punch up a phone call now and again--we'd see the phones ringing--just to see what would happen. Well, one day, we punched up line 4. And, line 4 at that time was the 1-800 line. ... It was the guy you hear today as Line 4 Guy. He had a couple funny lines. We all laughed, and we, uh you know, probably hung up on him and we went on our way."[2]

L4G continued to call in to WTDS and bring the funny and contributed audio drops, including "Hey, if you've got big boobs, let me hear from ya." Reportedly, the hosts do not know the identify of L4G, though TC admitted he knows but will not disclose[3].

A recurrent bit within WTDS is the calling of the 'front desk' of the radio offices. These answering staff members are intermittently irritable or incompetent, but occasionally funny contributors (such as Nikki and Dave).

Additionally, there are often repeated jokes occurring each year along with the recitation of past historical events, including jokes about Greg Louganis and the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.[2]

Notable E-brakes during WTDS include Bob Sturm exclaiming the birthday of Grace Jones, several minutes after discussion of Grace Jones by the other WTDS hosts.[2]

Typical Participants

Included Subsegments

Intro and Music

  • Jim Conrad: "Once again, BaD Radio presents "Why Today Doesn't Suck"
audio from bobanddan.com
  • various clips related to birthdays or references to things that do or don't suck
    • John Rhadigan and Colby Lewis
    • From the movie "Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood": "Happy Birthday, homie."
  • Catchy birthday music
audio from theunticket.com

Birthdays and "Born on This Day"

Dan McDowell reads birthdays submitted by P1s, and birthdays of notable celebrities and sports figures.

Not Payola

Mike Rhyner reads additional birthdays, previously rumored to be in exchange for payment ("payola") or promotion ("plugola"). It is now thought that he reads off the names of friends of his on Facebook who are having birthdays that day.[1]

Spare Birthdays

After a drop of Expo screaming Somebody Go!! and either another drop from Expo or Grubes, Bob Sturm reads birthdays of those deemed to be spares.

audio from theunticket.com

audio from theunticket.com


Dan McDowell reads people who have either birthdays ("born on this day, now dead") or death days ("dead on this day, still dead").

Closing and Outro

There are various closing drops used.

audio from theunticket.com
    • Explosion
    • Drop of Dirk exclaiming "Ohhhhh! Shut it down! Let's go home!"
  • Variant 2:
    • Drop of Tyler Kern muttering "...and that's why today doesn't suck."
    • Looney Toons song

Occasionally, the board op will add a stinger after the above drops.

  • Nate Dogg singing from "Next Episode" by Dr. Dre: "Hey, hey, hey, hey...Smoke weed every day"[4]
  • Drop of Ice Cube from the cinematic masterpiece "Friday": "Bye, Felisha"

Common Drops and Bits


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