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This site is put together to help new listeners learn about the Ticket lingo while listening. It will be built by other P1's who wish to contribute their knowledge of our favorite sports station in our great land. The site is part of TheUnTicket.com & uSave.it network.

Our goal of this site is to build a big site that allows input from all P1's. The type of P1's we are looking to help post here would fall into one of these:

  • P1's that have a good entry about a bit or character.
  • Old ticket employees that might have some good internal stories.
  • P1 spouses that listen all of the time because their significant others listen.
  • A P1 that has plenty of extra time and likes to type.
  • Current Cumulus employees that want to tell their side of great Ticket stories.

What we do not want is anything posted from one of these type of people:

  • Anyone that listens to a competitor station and rarely listens to the ticket.
  • Someone that works at a competitive station.
  • If you aren't familiar with "The Old Grey Wolf" and his importance, please don't make changes.

Everything that is submitted will be reviewed, just like a wikipedia would. Let's keep it clean and keep it informative.