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Ticket staff and P1s, together at Ticketstock 2014
Image by Mike Brooks


A P1 is a serious listener of The Ticket. It is thought the name P1 comes from The Ticket's presence on the #1 preset of the listener's radio.

An example of 1310 AM on radio position 1

P1s were critical to the early success of The Ticket, showing up in force at remotes during these months of cash-strapped, $0-promotions-budget, KZPS co-located Ticket existance:[1]

"This grassroots approach had to be taken in order for the station to become financially viable. However the strategy paid off, not only financially, but also by giving listeners a chance to put faces with the hosts' voices, and giving the hosts the chance to learn firsthand what "Joe from Balch Springs" liked and what he hated."[1]

This long-term bond established with the P1 has allowed for the multi-decade success of The Ticket.


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