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"Oh, you had a read!" --Michael Irvin


At the beginning of the 2011 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys found themselves in a tough game in San Francisco. In the first half of this week 3 game, Tony Romo had taken multiple hits...leading the team to later report Romo had suffered two fractured ribs during this game. He had returned to the locker room after halftime, and it appeared he would be done for the day. Jon Kitna came into the game and offered some mediocrity (6/10 for 87 yds with 1 TD/2 INT) including two interceptions leading to 7 points for the 49ers.[1]

However, Tones Romes returned and led the team, then down 14-21, to overtime. In the first play of overtime, Romo hit unlikely reality-show star Jesse Holley in stride leading for a 77-yard reception leading up to a Dan Bailey game-winning 19-yard field goal.[2]

Michael Irvin Interview

Michael Irvin interviewed Jesse Holley on the NFL Network, leading to some audio gold.[3]

Irvin- "When you lined up, you saw the defense coming up...getting ready to bite on that play-action. Did you think, 'wow, this is coming to me'?"

Holley- "When I lined up, I knew I was the first, second, third, or fourth option on that play. If the safety stays high, I sent it down that 17 yards. If he comes low and bites on the play-action, you give him a little bit...

Irvin- "Ohh."

Holley- "...and go over the top."

Irvin- "Oh, you had a read!"

Holley- "So I had..."

Irvin- "Oh, you had a read!"

Holley- "Right!"


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