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Lee Corso
Photo from Phil Sears/USA TODAY Sports

"we're havin' fun here, no?" --Dan McDowell

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On BaD Radio at the SMU Athletic Forum, Dan McDowell and Bob Sturm was interviewing Lee Corso, esteemed ESPN College Gameday host and mascot headgear thief.[1] Typically, Forum guests on the radio are charming and tell stories of their past athletic achievements, and Lee Corso decided to discuss Burt Reynolds being the first man to pose nude in Cosmopolitan magazine.[2]

Dan brought the funny by turning around the topic towards Corso, thinking he would enjoy this particularly silly brand of comedy given his headgear routine. Dan added without intentional malice: "And not a lot of people know this, but Lee Corso was the second person to pose nude. Correct? Or did I read that wrong?"[3] Corso was not amused, and immediately turned the interview sour noting he was "not kiddin'." The ensuing back and forth would produce multiple golden drops.

Interview Meltdown

Dan McDowell in a Cleveland Cavaliers snuggie

audio from TheUnTicket

Corso- But I don't, I think that was ar-, very sarcastic and I don't appreciate it. ...and I'm not kiddin'.

Dan- Really?

Corso- Yeah. 'Cause why would you say that?

Dan- Because it's somewhat funny, no?

Corso- It isn't funny. It's funny...

Dan- It's not funny at all?

Corso- No, it's not funny at all. In fact, the people out there that don't know me would say, uh, 'What kind of jerk is this guy?'

Dan- Well, wouldn't you think most people listening might know me better? ...

Corso- They probably think you're a jerk.

Dan- ...and realize that...

Corso- You are a jerk.

Dan- ...might be a, a funny statement?

Corso- Well, I think it was a sarcastic statement.

Dan- Sure it was!

Corso- I'm on your show trying to help ya.

Dan- And we're havin' fun here, no? You're tellin' us funny stories about Burt Reynolds and now all of a sudden it's, it's 'I'm a big jerk.'

Corso- No- you are a big jerk, because of the fact...you take a shot at me.

Dan- A shot?!

Corso- Yes, because you inferred the fact that I would pose naked.

Dan- And how is that shot?

Corso- Because that's against what I would do.

Dan- And it's not a joke then? ...

Corso- I'm not jokin.'

Dan- ...wouldn't that be the iron-, irony of the whole situation? ...

Corso- Not to me.

Dan- ...that Lee Corso certainly wouldn't do that. Burt Reynolds would. Well, I just don't, I don't really understand where you're coming from here.

Corso- It's your show.

Bob- Alright, this is Lee Corso with us. I think he was jokin' Coach.

Corso- Well, I don't, see I don't appreciate people takin' shots and jokin' at my expense, when I don't do that to anybody else.

Dan- Well, I, I think that's real silly... I really do. I don't think that you should be offended at all.

Corso- OK.

Dan- And I thought we were sittin' here laughin' and havin' a good time.

Corso- Well, not at my expense.

Dan- At your expense?!

Corso- Yeah.

Dan- I really don't understand how you would say it was at your expense either.

Corso- Because of the fact that you inferred to the people out there who don't know me that I would pose naked and do something like that.

Dan- Well, I guess I should just thank you for stoppin' by then.

Corso- Thank you very much.

Dan- I appreciate it. Thanks very much.


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