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Jake Kemp, space enthusiast



During a 2010 episode of It's Just Banter, Jake and TC were performing a tradition unlike any other: handicapping guests on an upcoming season of the Guest Booking League. Included in this particular GBL was a particularly famous individual... a decorated fighter pilot, a man who spent 7 hours 52 minutes in a space suit in outer space, and the second human to walk on the surface of the Moon[1]. Jake explained in a method not sensitive to today's climate:

"Next up, we have some old fuck named Buzz Aldrin. ... Dude, who wants this? ... Is this a Tom guest? I don't know man, I just think space is super gay. I think astronauts are gay...I think space is gay..."[2]

TC and Jake agreed Buzz would be a 3.5+ for the GBL.

Super G

This audio was remixed (likely by Grubes for BaD Radio) alongside Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra", as made famous by Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey."

audio from TheUnTicket

Continuing the Bit

Jake continues his anti-space agenda bit to this day: "the space program remains a massive waste of money and I will be vindicated on this front" [3]. The predictable response to this from the Twittersphere is usually a recitation of the secondary uses for inventions of NASA: "insulin pump, heart bypass, MRI, cordless tools, ear thermometer."[4]

Supporters of space should rest assured though, that Jake probably doesn't hate space. In a 2013 interview with CentralTrack.com he noted, "I'm just trying to be entertaining and, at this point, if I sat down and said I didn't want to defend it anymore, that would not be entertaining."[5]


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