Inward (drop)

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Troy Aikman at the White House in 2008
Photo by Grant Miller

"[inward]" -- Troy Aikman

audio from David Mino


audio from David Mino

During some illuminating color commentating, Cowboys great Troy Aikman gave the following analysis:

"Well, one thing to keep an eye on is because it's his right foot... when he lines up on the left side, the outside breaking routes are going to be what may be problematic. When he lines up on the right side of the offense, then the inside breaking routes are when he's going to be pushing off that right foot. Right now, he's on the right side of the offense, and anything breaks inward...he's gotta push hard off that right foot. And I think that's when you get a real sense as to how healthy he is."[1]

Dan McDowell was particularly taken with this humorous drop, using the drop as an alternative "beep" for the song "Straight Outta Compton" by N.W.A. during a 12:10 segment of BaD Radio.


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