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Homer Call of the Week is a segment, co-created in 2000 by Dan McDowell and Bob Sturm, on BaD Radio, that occurs during the football season. Homer Call's enormous success led to the creation of BaD Radio Reports in 2006 to provide comedic content during the NFL offseason.


Homer Call of the Week began in 2000. New BaD Radio hosts were musing about the team broadcast announcer, Mike Haines, for the Colorado Avalanche in the NHL. At that time, the Avalanche was the opponent of the Dallas Stars in the 2000 NHL Western Conference Finals. Haines' overt homerism with "primal delight" (according to Bob Sturm[1]) when the Avalanche scored and an especially succinct declaration when the Stars scored.

The extreme highs and lows of these team broadcasters led to exploration of the topic in the following NFL season. It began as Bob and Dan searching for the best audio clips after the NFL games and playing them on the air the following week (usually on Thursday due to the time commitment required)[1].

This time commitment requires the hiring of three interns (one full-time, two every-other-day) specifically for finding and cutting audio clips for this segment. Dan reported "...more man-hours get put into this one segment every week than anything else we do, and it's by a mile."[1] The use of play-by-play summaries has significantly reduced the amount of intern-time required to find homer calls, but it remains very resource-intensive. This extraordinary effort is likely what prevents other stations and sports media from stealing the bit.

Some broadcasters reject their homerism and resent BaD Radio for inclusion of their audio clips in the segment, requiring Ticket staff to ask for audio for a fake segment called "Great Play-by-Play of the Week".[1] Notably, Jub joined BaD Radio on-air and complained of his inclusion, noting he wasn't "screaming like a bunch of hyenas."[1]

Some audio golden moments from this segment include: "I'm writing a letter to the UIL over this...this is horrible", "You're unsportsmanlike", "I don't...believe it...", "There is mustard on the lettuce", and "Hey did you lose your mind, WHOOO, give me some!".

Texas high school football claims 7 out of 17 homer call season championships (as of the end of the 2016 season).


  • A drop that is funny but not typically a homer call, some examples include We Have Nacho, Trout Girl, Odor Punching Bautista's face
  • An annoucer reads "Get ready Dallas, as Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket presents, The Homer Call of the Week!"
  • "A New Game" by Tom Hedden (often used for NFL Films)
  • Additional drops that are typically past Homer Call season champions, some examples include "There is mustard on the lettuce", "I don't believe it..." and "We're gonna freakin' win!"

Listing of Homer Call Champions

Year Champion Play Notable Quotes
2016 St. John's beating UW-Platteville in the first round of the 2016 NCAA D-III football playoffs Dusty Krueger 1 yd TD run as time expires "That's the way you do it! Yeaaaahh!"
2015 Celina HS Pick-six for Celina to win the game "We're gonna freakin' win!"
2014 Alvarado HS Punt return TD for Alvarado "He may be the greatest athlete of all time, after watching that punt return.", "There is mustard on the lettuce"
2013 Copperas Cove HS gives up kickoff return TD Kickoff return TD by A&M Consolidated against Copperas Cove (to lose game) "I don't believe it. I don't, I don't believe it. All those laterals, all that stuff goin' on. I don't believe it. I don't...believe it..."
Audio from bobanddan.com
2012 Marist HS game-winning shot 3-point shot for Marist to take the lead over Curie Metropolitan with 2.4 seconds left "You are watching what greatness is all about in the IHSA, huh?! Whoo!"
Audio from bobanddan.com
2011 Lafayette Little League game-winning triple Game-winning triple, scored on error (after forcing extra innings) "I'm talkin about alll the way back.", "Lafayette, Louisiana! Lafayette, Louisiana. You don't ever count a Cajun out. You don't ever count us out!"
Audio from bobanddan.com
2010 Arkansas State game-winning TD Game winning 'Hail Mary' TD for Arkansas State at home over rival Memphis (game from 2006) "How in the world did he throw that ball down ther' and get that I don't know; touchdown Arkansas State, and this ballgame is over!"
Audio from bobanddan.com
2009 Godley HS defeated by Pilot Point HS Pilot Point kicks game-winning field goal "...and it's good.", "wow."
Audio from bobanddan.com
2008 Ennis giving up a TD "I tell you what, I'm writing a letter to the UIL over this; this is horrible!", "And our score is now Ennis 21, The Houston Football Officials Association 14."
Audio from bobanddan.com
2007 Akron game-winning free kick return for TD Akron game winning free kick (after a safety) return for TD at Western Michigan "The Zips have won the game! The Zips have won the game!"
Audio from bobanddan.com
2006 Depauw championship-winning half-court shot DePauw's Austin Brown hits 61-foot 3-pointer to win the SCAC title "Gooooaaaaaal!", "Austin Brown nails it! It's over!"
Audio from bobanddan.com
2005 SMU game-winning TD SMU throws game-winning 'Hail Mary', featuring Rich Phillips on the call "Unbelievable!! Unbelievable!! I can't believe it!"
Audio from bobanddan.com
2004 Kilgore HS championship-winning blocked FG-TD Kilgore blocks 42 yard field goal, and runs back touchdown to win in 2OT to win Class 4A Division II state championship "They gonna run it all the way back!", "They're gonna win state!"
Audio from bobanddan.com
2003 Vikings playoff defeat Arizona Cardinals' Josh McCown throws a game-winning TD to eliminate the Minnesota Vikings in the 2003 NFL Playoffs "Touch-- Touchdown! No!! No!! The Cardinals have knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs!"
Audio from bobanddan.com
2002 Judson HS championship-winning TD Judson QB throws 76-yard TD to take the lead against Midland to win 2002 state championship "Touchdown Judson! Touchdown Judson! Touchdown Judson!"
Audio from bobanddan.com
2001 Georgia game-winning TD Georgia's David Greene throws 6-yard TD to take lead against Tennessee "We just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot and broke their nose. We just crushed their face."
Audio from bobanddan.com
2000 Colorado fumble recovery Colorado's Jashon Sykes 50-yard fumble recovery return for TD in a losing effort against Texas "Yes Coloradoooooo, I love it!", "You gotta love it, this is what college football is all about. Get some electricity goin' in this place. Everybody's on their feet, now they're lovin' Colorado football around here"
Audio from bobanddan.com


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