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Hawkeye is a legendary Dallas radio morning show host, Texas Radio Hall-of-Famer, and noted BaD Radio and The Ticket P1. He revealed on Friday, January 6, 2017 that he had pranked the hosts of BaD Radio with several faked interviews and bits over the course of several years.

Candidate for Homer Call

During Homer Call of the Week on Thursday, January 5, 2016, Dan McDowell played a Homer Call provided by P1 Brandon Lake. It was from a game in the New Mexico 2016 U.S. Bank State Football 6A Championship tournament[1] between that was spectacular, but almost too perfect (only missing a "he done blocked it!" for a perfect score). Bob, Dan, Jake, Mino, and TC all voted this call in depending on its confirmation, despite some initial suspicions raised by Mino wondering aloud if it was "from a movie." Jake quickly agreed and assumed the position of chief skeptic. Some peculiar attributes included the 38 seconds length, prepared fade-in/fade-out, the exceptionally loud stadium crowd noise, and the accompanying marching band playing during the purported field goal try.

The Call

audio from TheUnTicket

Broadcaster #1- 40 seconds left in this tough-nosed battle and the time is runnin' out for Manzano, 21-17 in favor of Centennial. If the Hawks kick the field goal, they'll go up by 7 and Manzano can only hope to tie.

Broadcaster #2- That's a big if. Here's the snap for Centennial. <crowd roar> The kick is blocked!

Broadcaster #1- It's blocked, block block block! Blockity block! Block block block block block block block block block block block bloooock! Manzano has the ball!

Broadcaster #2- He's alone, he's gonna score, he's gonna score!

Broadcaster #1- That does it!

Broadcaster #2- Manzano's gonna win this game!

Broadcaster #1- Manzano's gonna win, I could kiss you right now! Even if I was gay, I could kiss you.

Broadcaster #2- You're not gay, I'm not gay. We're just excited. Manzano's gonna win this game!

The Reveal

Bob's run sheet including the Homer Call Investigation
Image from Twitter

On the following day, they returned to the Homer Call segment to further evaluate the play-by-play call.[2] P1 Brandon Lake ghosted Dan after he responded asking for further information. Published details of the game didn't quite match up with the call. During the segment, Mino revealed a new extended cut of the call revealing a third member in the broadcast booth, Hawkeye, who noted their game "was the greatest game in New Mexico high school football history".

audio from TheUnTicket

Then, as the audio abruptly ended, Dan, Bob were initially confused before Jake went to the phones. Hawkeye initially confirmed he was at that game in the booth, noting "Sure, it's real."[2] However, he eventually revealed this was faked with fellow radio voices Scotty K and Bret Mega on KLIF-FM 93.3 playing the roles of the booth broadcasters.

But, his bit was not limited to the Homer Call fake. Much to the dismay of Jake ("I quit the show."), he confessed he had booked himself twice as a GBL guest.[2]: Dan Cortese and Jack Handey.

The Dan Cortese Interview

Dan Cortese, a former MTV VJ and actor, was a Donovan guest for the GBL in 2013.[3] Several phrases from the 1995-film Usual Suspects were included throughout the interview, first identified by P1 jasondfw more than 3 years later.[4] These references include an assistant named "Kint" who is given a verbal confirmation, "some barbershop quartet from Skokie, Illinois", and "...and like that, he was gone" in his wacky radio liner.[4]

The Jack Handey Interview

Jack Handey, an American humorist with a peculiar brand of wit, was a Jake guest for the GBL in 2015. As he began the intervnew, Bob should have been initially suspicious of the first words uttered by Handey during his interview: "Thank you, I am a real person."[5] As with his Dan Cortese interview, several names of the 1970 Detroit Tigers were included as a sort of easter egg. Additionally, the Tigers' manager Mayo Smith was the contact that communicated with Jake to complete the guest booking.

Jake would voice his concerns with TC Fleming about this interview on It's Just Banter, worrying that the discussion with his hero was a farce.

Wacky Radio Liners

  • "Dan Cortese

audio from TheUnTicket

  • "Jack Handey"

audio from TheUnTicket


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