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"Gay or Not Gay" (or "GnG") was a segment on BaD Radio during the Donovan Lewis era, when he was co-host along with Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell. During this bit, hosts or P1s would submit (occasionally autobiographical) scenarios that the hosts of BaD Radio would offer judgment on. Also notably, the GnG bit uses the theme song from Craig “The Junes” Miller bit from around 2000 called "The Girl on Television That’s So Good Looking We’ll Have to Watch Out For Her Because She’s So Good Looking."[1]

Ultimately, in this climate, a bit rendering "gay" as a derogatory term had a limited shelf-life. Either due to outside pressure[2] or internal nudging, BaD Radio reduced the frequency of this bit and eventually changed the name to "Gonk or Ragonk", providing a perpetual use of TC's ticker tease flub.


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