Freshe Pepper Spray Challenge

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Fahy with P1 Sweet Dee, immediately after the Freshe Pepper Challenge
Photo from twitter

"This was a bad idea..." --John Fahy


During some intense sportstalk, the story of Orlando Scandrick and his then-girlfriend was discussed. Reportedly, the couple was in an argument that involved pepper spray and an eventual restraining order.[1] John Fahy noted he "wouldn't mind trying" being pepper sprayed.[2]

The Challenge

This casual mention escalated quickly into a bit on the plaza outside the Ticket hovel where Fahy would be pepper sprayed by P1 Sweet Dee. The name comes from the famous Fahy drop "Freshe pepper?"This event was broadcast live on Periscope, and uploaded onto Youtube for posterity.[3]


  • "This is just a bad idea!"
audio from TheUnTicket
  • "It's in my eyeballs, ohhhh..."
audio from TheUnTicket
  • The 2015 Rangers Lineup
audio from TheUnTicket

P1Domo's Documentary

In all his glory, @P1Domo applied his particular brand of comedy to the youtube video of the Freshe Pepper Spray Challenge.[4]


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