David Kunkel Interview

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"What, umm... do you like this gig?" --Greg Williams


Greggo “The Hammer” Williams interviewed David Kunkle, the Chief of the Dallas Police Department, on The Hardline.

Interview Transcript

audio from TheUnTicket

Greggo: We’re talking to the number one cop in Dallas, the #1 cop, the commissioner, chief of police: David Kunkle. What umm, do you like this gig?

Kunkle: No. I, I, uh, uh, uh love my job. It’s a. .. .

Greggo: I the, that wasn’t the question. Do you…do do do you like your job?

Kunkle: No, I said, do i love, maybe i didn’t understand the question.

Greggo: Ok. I, I mean do you like being chief of police?


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