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The bragging montage is an endlessly replenishing bit created of drops of sports figures, Ticket hosts, and other luminaries. Although there is nothing new about playing drops of other Ticket hosts making an impressive claim, this bit really took off with the popularization of the Rangers starting pitcher CJ "Seege" Wilson.

CJ is arguably a walking bragging montage with his racing team[1], car with doors that open "like this" (and not "like this")[2], and tattoos with meaning[3].

CJ Wilson

  • "It's awesome to have, like, a house that you can have pool parties in."
  • "I like modern stuff."
  • "I have a personal assistant that, like, takes care of all my business stuff."
  • "I'm in the playoffs."
  • "I had some awesome pool parties this summer."
  • "As long as I can have a pool party, you know, here and there...maybe once a month in the summer time, then that would be cool."
  • "It's constantly evolving you know, I have a Carrera GT which is the coolest car ever that Porsche has ever made."
  • "I always have, like, a huge, like, savings plan for the future and all that."
  • "I sleep five hours a day."
  • "I like to have a nice view of a cool pool."
  • "A GTO is like five million dollars, so I'm probably gonna get one of those."
  • "I have an action movie that I'm writing."
  • "I have a comedy that I'm writing right now."
  • "I have a condo"
  • "I did an interview, and I'm getting asked about it a lot."
  • "I have a TV show that's kind of like a dramatic comedy."
  • "I have a Ferrari that's pretty neat."[4]

Corby Davidson

  • "I have a telescope."
  • "I've got in the ocean every day."
  • "I got my oil changed this week."
  • "I haven't opened an email in...three days."
  • "I have an Ethiopian son."
  • "I have HD."
  • "I loooove going to the theatre."
  • "I made out during 'The Natural'"
  • "I'm gonna go get 400 acres of land."
  • "I'm making a, a ton of money!"
  • "I'm a massive fan of coleslaw."
  • "I have a million dollars...right here in my briefcase that I normally carry around anyway."
  • "I spent $300 <snap> like it was nothing."
  • "I'm the most super gay human being of all time."
  • "I watched the Mavericks from row 1, on their first NBA title."
  • "I had a Wee Man poster in my bedroom."
  • "We have wild board all throughout our property."
  • "I won't go to Kroger for six months or something like that, I got a big ole moose in the, in the freezer."
  • "I took a cooking class in college too."
  • "If a day goes by that I don't get laid, it's a failed day."[5]

Jake Kemp

Mike Rhyner

Sean Bass


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