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Monument to Barbaro at the entrance of Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky
Photo by Lisa Andres

"...we can't even fix a horses bones?" --Grubes


Grubes called into a show on WAXY 790 AM to discuss his perhaps fabricated frustration when competitive racing horse Barbaro was euthanized.[1]

The Call

audio from TheUnTicket

Radio host- "1-888-790-3776, #790 for MetroPCS customers. We go to Norm, who's in Miami. Norm, welcome to 790 The Ticket"

Grubes- "Hello?"

Radio host- "Yeah. Norm, go ahead."

Grubes- "Hey guys, I wanted to talk about Barbaro a little bit. Um, <sigh>. Today just is a really, really tough thing. And <sigh> know, we spent 7 months, you know, just, you know, praying for Barbaro and, you know, hearing all this good news and a little bit of bad news, but, you know, them all of a sudden, today, er- I guess over the weekend we find out that, you know, his leg or his hoof had gotten even worse and then all of sudden finding out this morning, you know, the first thing I hear when I wake up on, uh, your Sports Splash or whatever is, uh, the news that he died.
"And, I almost feel like, you know, there hasn't been a whole lot of talk about it since. You know, just the impact, you know, of why er- <sigh> I just... how can we let this happen? You know, why do we have to... why couldn't they have helped [it] live? It just... It almost doesn't make sense to me. You know, all this, you know, wonderful medical technology, and we can't even fix a horses bones? It just doesn't seem right."

Radio host- "Norm, thank you."

Renewing the Bit

At the 2015 Dallas Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, California, Corby and Junior played George and Bob in golf at Sandpiper with a bet to raise the stakes. After their thorough destruction, George and Bob were forced to pay off the bet with Cowboys players interviews mixed with at least three famous Ticket e-brakes: "Greggo with Chief Kunkle", "Grubes calling about Barbaro", "Alexi Ticket Ticker", "Al Gore-Edna" or "Mushmouth".[2]

George introduced several bits into one interview, including some outside of the original bet ("Moron Dog", and "Wi-Fi"), arguably completing the bet pay-off.[2] Bob used a different strategy of one bit per interview, including an excruciating interaction with James Hanna mixed with the Grubes-Barbaro bit.[2]


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