Annual White Elephant Host & Crew Exchange

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The Annual White Elephant Host & Crew Exchange is a once-a-year treat for the Ticket listener, where hosts, producers, yuk monkeys, and ticker guys are shuffled.[1] This usually leads to extraordinary chaos, radio gold, or both. Due to the intense skill and physical prowess required, board ops are excluded from the shuffle.

New for 2016, hosts, ticker guys, and producers are being exchanged like-for-like.

An Example Lineup from 2016


Hosts: Corby and Donovan
Yuk Monkey: Dan McDowell
Tickers: Sean Bass
Producer: Jake


Hosts: Gordon and Mike
Producer: Fernando
Tickers 10am-3pm Ty Walker


Hosts: George and Norm
Producer: Danny


Hosts: Junior and Bob
Tickers: FAHY
Producer: Sirois


Ticket Top 10 Host & Tickers: TC


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