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Aggressniff (also aggressissness, d'aggressiss, aggressiveniff, aggressisiff) is a bit made of a collection of drops first identified by BaD Radio host Dan McDowell around 2005.


There are many words in the English language that are difficult to pronounce, and also some words that are overwhelmingly common in the world of sports-talk. Aggressiveness, and the act of being aggressive generally, meet both of these criteria.

Dan McDowell has made it his life's calling to identify all messed up versions of the word "aggressiveness."[1] The original mistake identified by BaD Radio was made by occasional word flubber and 5-time NBA champion Earvin "Magic" Johnson in 2005. It wasn't immediately clear yet that this was an international phenomenon as Bob Sturm noted BaD Radio "couldn't do a segment everytime he stumbles on a word"[1] since that happens so frequently.

It became clear, however, in 2010 when the pattern fully emerged and many instances were identified and broadcast on The Ticket. Upon further review, there were also instances of "Aggressniff" as early as the 1960s in sports, once uttered by Muhammad Ali.

Top 5 Ranked "Aggressive" Mistakes

Rank[2] Quote Speaker Date/Context
#1 "The athlete you see on the field is not the person you want to bring home to his wife and to his family. But sometimes that happens...that's the reason they have that aggressniff toward their family."[1]

audio from TheUnTicket

Herschel Walker 2010, The Ticket studios
#2 "But that was...that play showed you why Dallas is winning the game. They've been aggressive, they've been physical on defense, and then they carried that same aggressissness on offense."[1]

audio from TheUnTicket

Magic Johnson 2005, NBA coverage
#3 "You know, Finnegan is a dog. You played against him. He plays whistle-to-whistle, bell-to-bell. The guy is, he's aggressiss."[1]
(also sounds like d'aggressiss as an isolated drop)

audio from TheUnTicket

Deion Sanders 2010, NFL coverage
#4 "I, I, I do believe this: I believe Chip Kelly is smart enough and he has the option as part of his scheme. And that neutralizes the athleticism, the aggressiveniff of the defense."[1]

audio from TheUnTicket

Lou Holtz 2010, BCS Selection Show
#5 "Well, eh. Great screens from, uh, Tyson and Heywood. And I got shooters around and I just stayed aggreffiff, uh, stay aggreffe."[2]

audio from TheUnTicket

JJ Barea ??, Mavericks broadcast

Honorable Mentions

  • Horace Grant (2016, basketball interview) - "Some of the fans like the fast-paced, uh, 'alley-hoop' and things of that nature. The fans like, uh, the be-, uh, aggressniff of players."[2]
audio from TheUnTicket
  • Cedar Hill Commentator (2016, high school football TV coverage) - "But they started going back and forth on social media. Large barbs were traded on both sides, and both coaches said the players will have to watch out 'cause there is a line, and you can be aggresshiff, you can play with emotion, you just can't cross that line."[2]
audio from TheUnTicket
  • "Shedder" (2016, Mavericks broadcast) - "You do that, get a charge on him, Darron did a great job getting in front of him, uses his aggressiffneff, aggressiveness against him. That's what we gotta do, and offensively, we're movin' and we're trustin' the looks that we're getting. ... They're an overaggressive team, they love to play passing lanes, go for steals. Use their aggreffiveness, we might be able to get some back doors."[2]
audio from TheUnTicket
  • Muhammad Ali (1968?, documentary, originally radio interview) - "I don't have a killer instinct. But I call it aggressessness...aggressive instinct."[2]
audio from TheUnTicket
  • LA TV Reporter (2016, TV report voiceover) - "LAPD tells us Dan Silly is known to record himself and the women he aggressfully approaches on downtown streets, fancying himself as a pick-up artist."[2]
audio from TheUnTicket
  • Tom Grieve (2010, Rangers broadcast) - "I like the aggreffissness, [he] never stops. "He's thinking, 'Uh oh, I better be safe!'"[1]
  • Ron Washington (2010, Rangers broadcast) - "Yes it is. You know, we have to stay aggressive. This is a very aggressive team, and we're just trying to stay as aggressisiff as we can."[1]
  • TJ Quinn (2016, Rio Olympics coverage) - "She was incredibly disappointed with herself. A good half-hour after the race, she was still in tears talking about it. She said that she felt like she was aggressuffenuff, aggressive enough."[2]
  • Steve Busby (2016, Rangers coverage) - "There's that aggressness we were talking about."[2]


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