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The UnWikit is a sports-talk wiki, using MediaWiki software which allows visitors to contribute content directly to its pages. It is, and always will be, a work in progress powered and supported by the mighty P1, and is an unofficial, encyclopedic resource for topics related to The Ticket and all that implies. The UnWikit is one in a long line of historical collections dedicated to the 20+ year history of The Ticket, and is intended to be an accompaniment to P1-driven resources like r/TheTicket and in partnership with TheUnTicket.

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Previous Attempts

A wiki by the same name was developed on Google Sites in the past[1], but now lies dormant.


In August 2016, marbisho had the bright idea to jump into an endless wormhole that is a wiki based on 'The Ticket' after discovering that no such repository existed. He reached out to the clean P1s on the subreddit r/TheTicket to see if any active projects were underway[2], found a barren landscape, and reached out to TheUnTicket to partner up in construction on a wiki. DP at TheUnTicket responded with enthusiasm, the UnWikit domain was established on August 4, 2016[3], and UnWikit was born!

Current Staff


Section Editors

  • General Ticket Schtick -
  • Musers -
  • Norm and Donovan -
  • BaD Radio - marbisho
  • The Hardline -


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